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Born and raised in Central City, TPot is a true New Orleans woman. For over 19 years, TPot has been a part of New Orleans’ radio sharing every detail of her reality with life partner Stevie G. and their kids, Natty and Chloe. Every afternoon, she shares it all with you from her love for judging drag pageants, addiction to perfectly blending her make-up  to living life after divorce. Each show is always fun, thrilling and real- just like TPot. Catch her spilling the juiciest gossip and top 40 hits during “E on the B” every weekday afternoon from 2pm- 6pm.  

When asked to describe herself starting with these letters...

Positive! I love to see the positive side to almost everything!
Witty! Cuz I am.
Quixotic Cuz I can be sometimes, and it’s the title of an album from one of my favorite singers Martina Topely-Bird.
B97 Radio Personality and hostess of the Afternoon Swirl

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