Painting with friends is the perfect outing

Sometimes you just gotta get out with some great friends and have fun!! Last night I went to All Barn New and painted a fun wood pallet. It was so easy too!! There are stencils so even I looked like an artist. I was so proud, I whipped out my Metro PCS phone and sent a pic to my daughter. Of course...
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B97 on Blast for the 4th of July

B97 is on BLAST for your 4th of July party weekend powered by New Orleans Original Daiquiris 190 Octane! So keep us loud like fireworks for your eardrums. Take us with you - get the app now! Click here for the list of 4th of July weekend fireworks.
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Monster Party Songs All Weekend

Happy Halloween! All this weekend, we'll be playing some of the biggest, monster party songs! So if you're sneaking candy away from your kids... Hitting a club as sexy bottle of ketchup... Or just carving pumpkins... Keep B97 on to keep the party going! This weekend sponsored by Sprint
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