Semi Spills 40,000 Pounds of Mac 'n Cheese on Interstate

A semi-truck tipped over on an interstate in Tennessee, spilling 40,000 pounds of dried macaroni and cheese powder across all lanes of traffic.
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What was it today on i-10

It never fails there is always something stopping traffic but doesn't get bothered about it just start to guess what it was today. Let's have some fun with this, you never know why you will be late in this crazy life but here's a way to help the road rage. Today's culprit was an 18wheeler, as you...
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Can you use a boat to travel i-10?

IMG_2665.m4a Traffic is no one's favorite past time, especially mine. I find myself traveling a lot during the week from city to city and traffic is something that I have learned to cope with. But I have now made a game to guess with friends what is holding us up from our quest. Yesterday, while...
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