#TBT: The Spice Girls Song "Wannabe" Topped the Charts 20 Years Ago Today

The Spice Girls had the number 1 song in the country twenty years ago today with their smash hit, "Wannabe." Yes, it REALLY has been twenty whole years since Wannabe topped the charts.How is that for Throwback Thursday? Does that make you feel kind of old like it did for us?Come to think of it: the...
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Throwback: When Kidd Got Lasik

Today’s throwback is about the time that Kidd Kraddick got lasik… and everything went wrong!
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TBT: Donald Trump on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show

Back before he was president, Donald Trump called the show and Big Al pitched him an idea… and Trump actually stole it and performed the bit on Saturday Night Live! Watch a clip of the SNL skit below!: Video of Watch Donald Trump's 2004 'SNL' Skit That's Been...
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