Nickelodeon Is Remaking Blue's Clues And They're Looking For A New Host. (Details Here)

IT"S MAIL TIME!!!!!!! Could you be the next host of the all new Blues Clues? Check out what the upgraded Blue's Clues dog will look like by Clicking Here. The iconic blue dog "Blue" is coming back, this time Nickelodeon is taking over for 20 episodes and it will have an all new host. The casting...
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Calling All 90's Kids, You Can Now Relive Your Nickelodeon Days

OMG!! If you're still a kid a heart you're going to love this. Nickelodeon just partnered up with a clothing company called Love Tribe they have created clothing that features characters from your favorite Nickelodeon shows, such as the Rugrats, The Ren and Stimpy Show. "The world is my toaster...
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