Oprah on Kids and Marriage: 'I Used to Think About This All the Time'

Oprah Winfrey is known for being the generous giver and said she doesn’t have any regrets on how she has lived her life. The 65-year-old billionaire sat down with People and opened up about not marrying and not having children. This week, Oprah is on the cover of their magazine which celebrates “...
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Man Takes Out 8 Billboards to Deliver Special Message to His Wife

( 100.3 JACK FM ) -- Sometimes it takes a grand gesture to show the proper amount of love for one’s significant other. That’s why a man in Oklahoma decided to express his love for his wife using eight billboards across Tulsa. After buying the ad space for his company, Josh Wilson decided confessing...
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Dr. Girlfriend’s Wedding Is Ruining Big Al’s Plans

Big Al invited his friends to join him over the holidays in Mexico… but everyone was busy! Ends up, they are going to Dr. Girlfriend’s wedding… which is happening super close to our family vacation this year! Video of Big Al's Ex Update full audio version here...
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Buying Without Spouse’s Permission

We all know where Kim Kardashian is coming from in this clip, right? It hits Kellie and J-Si really close to home… Has your spouse ever done this to you?
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How Millennials Are Ruining Divorce

It turns out waiting is a good thing
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The Key to a Happy Marriage May Be Your Height

A new study is saying something as simple as you and your spouse's height may play a large part in if your marriage will be a happy one.
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Cardi B and Offset of Migos walking on the red carpet at the The 2018 MAXIM Party held at Schaffer-Richardson Building on February 3, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Surprise! Cardi B + Offset Already Got Married

Cardi B and Offset are married... and have been for a while, okurrr!
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Marc Jacobs Proposes at Chipotle

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs is engaged...but WHERE he popped the question is the really surprising part. Chipotle??? I mean they do have good guacamole, but still. Rich people do some crazy s***! In a video posted on Instagram , Jacobs dropped to his knee at a fast-food restaurant in New York City...
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It's Better to be Single, According to Science

Still single after Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry. You're better off than your married friends, according to science. In fact, Business Insider just looked into some recent studies that explored this topic, and here are two benefits that scientists agreed about: Being Single Increases the Social...
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