Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Reveals She Hasn't Heard From Family in Puerto Rico Since Hurricane Maria

Jennifer Lopez revealed earlier today that she has not heard from some of her family in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the U.S. territory when it made landfall on Wednesday. J.Lo described the hurricane’s devastation as being “beyond belief,” and went on to reveal that she and her...
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Jennifer Lopez Unveils New Single 'Ni Tu Ni Yo'

America’s Independence Day meant new music from Jennifer Lopez. The 47-year-old singer performed "Ni Tu Ni Yo" during NBC's Fourth of July telecast.
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Jennifer Lopez Previews New Album 'Mirate'

J Lo's new record was produced by one of her ex's.
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Jennifer Lopez Was "Pure Fire" in Her Dress at the Billboard Latin Music Awards

Jennifer Lopez really put herself on the map when she appeared on the red carpet of the 2000 Grammy Awards. Do you remember the dress she wore? The V plunged down past her navel. 17 Years Ago Today, @JLo appeared at the Grammy Awards wearing her Iconic Green Versace Dress ! The reason Google Images...
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