Cuisine of New Orleans

National Sandwich Day Nov. 3rd: Blue Plate Mayonnaise Is Making The Longest Po-Boy In New Orleans History

The longest po’boy in New Orleans’ history is coming to the French Quarter on Friday, November 3, 533 Royal Street for a supersized po’boy (approximately 350 feet long) created by three of the city’s most iconic food brands – Blue Plate Mayonnaise, Leidenheimer Baking Company, and Chisesi Brothers...
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FAIL: Another Failed Cajun Recipe VIDEO has Surfaced. Tomatoes In Red Beans and Rice?

Please make it stop!! Why do people in other states think they can just reinvent our food in south Louisiana? You can't! NOTE TO ALL OUT OF TOWNERS: Please stop taking our Cajun/Creole food and ruining it!!! Please!!! You can not put tomatoes in red beans and rice and call it cajun!! Ahhh.. It...
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