Big Al

Dr. Girlfriend Reveals Her Dream Profession

Dr. Girlfriend calls in to talk before going to take an EIGHT-HOUR test… and she reveals her dream profession. Wait to hear Big Al’s reaction! Video of Big Al Gives Dr. Girlfriend Exam Motivation!
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Big Al's Girlfriend Moves To Detroit

Big Al had to say goodbye to Dr. Girlfriend this weekend so we got to hear about all the mistakes he made along the way…. And also the sweet moment they shared that made him cry! Video of Doctor Girlfriend's Last Weekend In Town
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Dr. Girlfriend's Goodbye Party

Dr. Girlfriend’s goodbye party was at a place that brings back bad memories for Big Al. Listen and check out the video highlights below! Video of Big Al's Tree Dolly Video of Big Al Embarrassed Himself at Doctor Girlfriend's Medical School Graduation And just days before, Big Al...
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Big Al Used to be a Player

Big Al Mack says all guys need some good excuses in their pocket, but he recalls a story where he was busted cheatin… ON AIR! Video of Big Al Use To Be A Player
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Big Al's Chicken Wing Problems

Video of Big Al's Chicken Wing Problem During first world problems, Big Al Mack remembered a time when he forgot there was a chicken wing in his pocket. Only you Big Al…
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