Alvin Kamara

Alvin Kamara Serenades Morrow's Bar In New Orleans On Monday With R. Kelly song (VIDEO)

Not only is New Orleans Saint's running back Alvin Kamara a beast on the football field but this dude can SANG!! Alvin Kamara visited a popular restraunt/bar in New Orleans called Morrow's on St Claude this Monday during Morrow's Christmas party. He then jumped on stage during their karaoke...
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Speedy is freaking out because Alvin Kamara got a tattoo. (VIDEO)

Speedy needs to just calm down!!! He thinks that New Orleans Saints RB Alvin Kamara is going to get an infection in his leg from the huge tattoo on his leg aka his money maker.
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New Orleans Saint's RB Alvin Kamara Had His Entire Leg Tattooed (VIDEO)

This makes me so nervous so close to the new season. Alvin Kamara had his entire leg tattooed and it looks so awesome.
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