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Speedy Gonzalez! Yes, that's his name. Ok, Gonzalez is his real name. There is a chance his real first name might be Eddie. Whatever. We call him Speedy! Speedy’s nickname matches his lifestyle—going fast and keeping busy! While he considers being a Dad his #1 hobby, Speedy has always had a love for radio and music since he was little. While he may be fast, his three kids keep him on his toes at all times! From playing Xbox to wrestling with the WWE, his boys are his whole world! In his spare time he DJ’s, predicting what the next top hit will be, and finding content for his afternoon show. He has lived in the New Orleans area his whole life and likewise cannot remember a time when he wasn’t a Saints fan. His most humbling experience of his life, however, has been visiting St. Jude which he includes everyone to do and donate to. In total, “There is nothing I can’t do! I’ve been in radio for 13 years and love working with businesses to promote on our afternoon show in the city!”


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