How much does it cost to get in?
Tickets are $10 for children ages 1-15. Infants are free and adults are free. Parking at the Pontchartrain Center is also free.

Will tickets be on sale at the event?
Yes, tickets at the door are $12, cash and credit cards accepted.

Do we play for select times?
No. The Great Play Date is different from many other play-places in that you don't just play for 30 minutes for an hour, you get to play as long as you'd like! Our hours are 10am-4pm on Sat 8/11 and 11am-4pm on Sun 8/12.

Other than tickets, what else should I expect to pay for?
Food and beverages will be available for purchase. Some merchants may be selling items you are interested in, but all the activities are included at no extra charge with your ticket. So the kids can play their hearts out and it won't cost you anything else!

Can I bring food or drinks?
There will be concessions available for sale, so only limted exceptions will be made for outside food or beverages (formula or other specialty items for very small children). In addition to kid-friendly items.

What ages is this event for? Can adults participate in the activities?
The event appeals mostly to ages 2-9, but all ages are welcome! Parents may assist their children when necessary. 

Can I bring a stroller?
For very little ones, we understand you may want to bring a stroller. In the cases of your more energetic, older children you'll probably want to leave it at home and let them get our all that energy!

Can my business still be a part of this event?
We can probably still find a perfect spot for you! Feel free to call Gene Vidler, our Director of Sales, at 504-526-3047.