Blue Bell Now Has 'Mardi Gras King Cake' Ice Cream But Only In Louisiana And South Mississippi For A Limited Time

January 19, 2018

Ina Glynn

It's carnival time in the N O! That means king cake everything!!!!! Once again Blue Bell has waved it's magic ice cream wand and made another flavor sure to make you break your New Years resolution. 

MARDI GRAS KING CAKE ICE CREAM!!!!!  Shout it out! It's time to grab your favorite ice cream bowl and fill it with the sprit of Mardi Gras. It hits stores this week but only a limited quantity and for a limited time. Here is the kicker. They're only selling it in Louisiana and south Mississippi not in Texas where it's made. Sorry Texas. The hunt is on. 


So go and get ya some before its all gone!