BIG AL'S BLOG: Happy New Year

January 2, 2018

Happy New Year everybody! I hope everyone had a GREAT holiday. I actually spent a majority of the break working. This was the first Holiday that I didn’t leave town in a long time and I have to admit, that sucked. My mom did more traveling than me. Not being in a relationship kinda sucked as well. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer but this past holiday season, after 6 months of being broken up, I think I finally realized that I don’t have a girlfriend. That’s probably because we still sent texts to one another. Yes, the post break-up texts. At first, it was just a little bit. But it increased. But here’s the thing… There was never any talk of us getting back together. It was just us texting because we missed each other and we were struggling with the transition. Well, all of that has changed. Sure, I never expected her to stay single forever. And I’m not trying to put her business in the street. She deserves to be with someone and she should be. It just kinda stung.

On to happier stuff, I hung out with Coolio for 3 days. First, Coolio is a rapper that had a couple of hits about 20 years ago. He even won a grammy. And I booked him to play at my restaurants during the holidays. Three nights of Coolio. Sounds FUN right? Well, ticket sales were a little soft. In fact, they were so soft that I had to cancel one of the 3 shows. So, now, there would be 2 nights of Coolio. One at my new restaurant, Down the Hatch, in Waxahachie. And one at Mckinney Avenue Tavern. I’m going to be honest. I LOST money on this deal. I knew it was a gamble. Anytime you do a promotion, it is a gamble. As far as that is concerned, BUSINESS is a gamble. And I have never been a good gambler. Don’t get me wrong, Coolio did his part and he put on a GREAT show. EVERYONE that was there loved it. The only problem was that I needed a LOT more people there! A LOT MORE!

That’s it for now. Tomorrow, I’ll write about the resolutions that I made that I’ll never keep! And no, I didn’t climb my mountain yet!

-Big Al