December 6, 2017

Stevie G has shared on his social media that as of this week, he is no longer with our show/company.

Stevie is my best friend. It has been an honor to do the Afternoon Swirl with him since March 6th 2006. We did our best to help New Orleans heal and rebuild after Katrina with our engagement stories, and we opened our family and our lives up to all of our listeners. He will be greatly missed....even tho I’m gonna see him daily. Our family would love for you to keep us in your prayers as we move into a new phase of our relationship as forever friends and coparents to our two children Natty and Chloe. 

Please wish me the best, as I continue on with all of you. I have been here for almost 19 years and consider all of you my family. I appreciate all of you and the opportunity to entertain New Orleans everyday. 


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