Amazon Customers Can Now Return Items To Kohl's And Whole Foods. Can You Say Game Changer!!

September 20, 2017


Amazon isn't playing around!!!  You can now return items to either Kohl's or Whole Foods when purched on Amazon. You can also use Whole Foods as a pick-up spot for Amazon. GAME CHANGER!!  

This is great for Amazon customers but not so much for their competitors, but I don't think Amazon cares. They're here to take over the world!! 

Starting in October, more than 80 Kohl's locations in the Chicago and Los Angeles area will begin packing and shipping returns back to the online shopping giant's warehouses free of charge. The stores will even have specially designated parking spots for Amazon returns customers, just like they do at all the chain restaurants.

Full Article HERE. 

The only question is when are they going to start doing this in the New Orleans metro area? I hope real soon.