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First 2013 is a Grainger dot com forward slash tough guy for details. We. I was woken home from school. Colin. To be short. It was Ken lay. Mom on good. The stand. And you and I. He was handsets. And not. Move it. And games. Around somewhere. They. In. It's. Yeah. Show us. To be chance now to the game. Look at us live. He had made down home. I. I'm very. Here. And then you know. You know. McCain had an out of dark in early new. He's been saying hello. I. Pound sand. There well. Then. And yeah and smooth. We are. We earlier speed 97 on Jammer program director for B 97. Men what is tough day today if you haven't heard yet. A very very sad day for us here B 97 in New Orleans we've lost a a true. True huge member of our family. Give credit in the morning democratic passed away today and I have Steve Regina have teapot here. Yes that's not hearing. Teapot here. Stevie G is behind her with her at this point. And I was as I thought I was saying on the radio little bit earlier but it it and only made half. It came up halfway and maybe you went on to the app. That it really started out as a great positive day today because they were in town it was Jenna was Jaycee was big out Kelly. And the whole crew along with kid and you know he was doing his kids kids golf tournament. And somewhere around 1 o'clock he fell ill you're supposed be with a so the mall today. With the B 97 could credit against the against bullying and they had a ticking of the hospital after 1 o'clock today to. Yeah I know I'm actually started getting calls from friends who had friends who worked at the hospital so I heard about it and I didn't think anything habit because I was sure that he was at the mall with you guys and I think that what I realized it was real. IA I don't know what to say I don't know I don't know how to feel I don't know what to say. I mean this is a man who is a part of everyone's life you know. This isn't just yes this is this is not what you hear from the system when you talk to your car wreck every single morning. And you don't necessarily know how to feel about it because. What what is it like you know I mean it's a ghost pressed. It does. And you know we're a little bit late here B 97 because we wanted to respect the kid credit crew. And we still don't have an official word but it it did break out about maybe an hour or two or three ago. His radio station in Dallas did go on the air and it officially announce that we're waiting for official word but he we just couldn't wait any longer and that's why. We asked if you listen to 9/11 thirty that we would tell you what we knew all. And how we knew it. Yes so we do apologize if maybe you you've you've heard it or use solid on the Internet and and and Twitter and and FaceBook and all that but we. We say anything until his family. I mean we had you know you've got to respect a person's family at his family had been notified and and everything so right you know and our able to say things by. You know everywhere it whenever someone passes you always say oh hug your loved ones you know and it sounds so cliche but. It's true could you imagine. Talking to someone. And then never hearing their voice again you know what I mean. And just today I mean he was in great spirits he got out of the bus he was loving those kids like he always does. And and you just never know where life is gonna take you or or or you know words with turned you're gonna go through. Yeah and what tomorrow holds for. Right at the wonderful thing that you know we can take with us is knowing that kids touch the lives of so many people. Even with his kids kids out you know taken those terminally ill kids. On trips you know things that. These people will have with them memories they'll have with them for ever and I think that he will live on. Like that you know looking at Twitter and seeing how many people loved him you know economy issue immortal. Absolutely. And he will be out we like to get some your comments if you if you're listening right now please call us. Let us know a kid meant to you had 2609797. Or AAA 3409797. I know that you know he's been doing this for over twenty years teapot. And it's just it's shocking. I mean at the words heard even their right now it's yeah it's just beyond speechless at this point via. Sled but we'd like to get a couple of your calls in that 2609797. Let us know how kid really moved you every day. Most of the time it was fun sometimes it was you know it was real. It was all about the kids and he did some emotional things we will never ever ever forget about. Sort of ticket to a quick break. And maybe wanna send a song out some teapot what do you think with with a song would be perfect for him we started it with Angel from. We started at age I think that's the perfect when Stevie you know a perfect song to play right now for kids. You know. This is. I don't know I I think Angel was the perfect who hasn't right. Let's take a break teapot Yemeni last couple words here that you would listen up. Of Stevie said once weekday we have Allen put Mariah Carey absolutely yeah. Just you know I guess it's it's it's so cliche but seriously. Never take it day for granted. Every single day wake up and just appreciate. Whether you believe in god whether you don't believe in god appreciate every single day that you have because you don't know. You know when you won't have another day absolutely thank you teapot will be checked back reviewed a couple of minutes and we need to beat you on the radio. Tell us Paula kid you do every day it's going to be part of our lives for a long time. Ali. Then. Luton. Usual. Modeling. Yeah. I think men. Always. Okay. We earlier screen Eddie said in a very very very sad day today a very sad night tonight. We didn't come on the air with a until we had you don't until we officially could come on the air and give you all the details about what happened. And and what the rumors were it is true democratic passed away today here in the New Orleans area he was on the West Bank. For the kids kids golf tournament at timber lane country club. And rumor started a little bit after 3 or 4 o'clock today and were like no this can't be happening and it actually did happen. And his his home radio station in Dallas. Was on the air about less than an hour ago and announced that so we felt comfortable and we felt that we should do it at that point. So we're taking your calls right down to six on 9797 or Tripoli three for a 9797. Lotta people wanna talk a lot of people wanna get. What they have the emotion wrapped up today. And the news shocking and and just. Blew us away. Just people wanna talk in we're gonna let them talks right now we have our Rihanna from New Orleans Arianna are you there. RAE one on talking to tell everybody of what Kidman to you. I'm thirteen and I admire him and I would be great ball right he would be Irene and I was. Didn't want everywhere in the morning in the face that. And it's gonna be a very very it is just going to be missed totally. A three Zain you know just every every single day so thank Jerry and I thank you very much for calling in we have Shane calling in from Guerrero. Sorry Shay calling it from Coventry are. From it nor sure chain are here. Chains here a ceiling you know I Shea menu there. I know your big kick credit in the morning fan tell us about. I understand it terribly. Alert to American morning on the way to work in and I heard the rumors. Get attacked us open that it was. Good news that. Obviously it is not. I don't know what to do I don't think it's quiet song. Explain. His. Is. What really got you out kid I mean you know there's a lot of DJ is on the radio but. I think that kid in his fur or just just more than just DJ is in more than just a morning show you now. And especially here in New Orleans is being hauling around a radio for a long long time here B 97 through. They have been let in until her. As long as I remember on nineteen upon enlistment and I was. Seven or eight hurt him all the time you know every morning on the way to school and now on the way to Wear a kind of grew up with them. It's like it's like a brand it's like a family members now. Well shame in thank you very much for college and we also have another call here Shelley she'll area there from Guerrero correct. Shelly I know that it's very very emotional news coming out the radio tonight and and all over the digital world. But you're really really really blown away when you heard this. I want. My daughter actually called me won't openly and I'm not quite there and light shots but how are. The market calming down it was it was 7 o'clock in the morning. My intern on B 97 not like oh wait to a hospital he would cause and it contracts. It means that. There's slight. We're not going to be a. I don't think anybody is worlds can be the same right now man is as you know is it. Right. Somebody wake up with every day somebody think about you when you hit the radio on and he's there Macon allow ever make and you cry a little unclear there. Lee says he debate. You know it just went in and it just caught they ought to be okay we're almost there aren't aren't lately at a hospital. And it would like that would let him or her in. Her position. Let's not gonna need that same bit out should be on the radio morning gasoline ever wondered if you are quite good work. I don't mean I haven't listened to it. Let's indicated telling me come morning it's not going to be pretty. Absolutely nobody that can be ordered him. Chile is there a song or maybe a message you wanna send out to kids. And and to everybody that's listening to enact its orbit. What a great songwriter or. And refinery faster. Chile thank you for the call. Have a good night OK. And I know were all crying inside and many people are crying you know tears are just coming out of people's eyes it's just. You know if I can say here if I guess I have the right words and stumbling and stammering I have no idea I mean this is not. Something that we're used to and it's just very emotional and now we love to get your calls. But to get your thoughts at 26097. Under seven Tripoli tree for a 9797. Give credit in the morning. He lives on here immunity seven. It's. Okay. It's still. We early it's V 97 and today is really really really be in a shocking day for everybody. Like a settlement while ago if you're just tuning in which started out so amazing so great. Give credit came in yesterday afternoon. To me a couple of people and and to really enjoy New Orleans and get to know everybody here at the B 97 felony. Everybody was in town Jenna GC big Al Kelly and of course kid. They arrive today at twelve noon on the west bank for the kids kids golf tournaments or Burlington entry club. And it's a raised money for the via his favorite charity ever he loved those kids kids kids were everything to him. And today. Justice. I mean it. He passed and it it it's shocking and there are reports for honestly Agassi here and I can write it down and and readers nothing to read there's nothing. Except the motion it's coming out of the speakers right now and we wanna be on the radio. To Telus hell. Your feeling I mean there's really nothing else we can do naughty on the line from and a bill Nadia are you there. Nadia. Now you said that you you just last night on urban streak and he tells the story. I wouldn't want them now aren't eight and Tom and editor from people walk past app recognize one of our panel like. They eat crow. Alabama and their current. And you know they were just down nice and picturesque ringing and they're just made bank and I ain't as bad. Dale is our doesn't matter where if you if you call them our few text and our future we'd of them or you know an email or even a person they were just absolutely. Amazing to deal with all the time. And not if thank you very much and that that just goes to show you that you just never know what's gonna happen from day today I am Oak Ridge on the phone from Picayune where chillier there. It. Sad day today as. How you feel right now. I'm trying to. I'm trying not to cry I think it doesn't do his pride it's okay it's. So your saints are laying out before we went on the air bad. Teller but it. Kid wishes. He'd give it like a friend went that you had ever met him or. Ever had a chance to really talk to him he hit every morning. And hit show that the kind of show that I was never ashamed of my children you rank. They made it lands and you know he can you welcome an empty here. And cheered violation like they welcomed you into they're even those personable he was applauding in. His opponent is. Cannot be measured in. You know haven't lost my parent I can only imagine what his daughter is going through right now and dump. You know. Kelly and kicking in you know everybody excellent. Who will be part of what can give. You what you turned orange in the morning. Beat Ernie this thing. Usury you get up every morning. With a smile you don't write what you do now. And there was a Sauna maybe you want to send out to to him. From Rio. Yes Alan. Like I mentioned I'm in this country sound but as beautiful as. Go rent time on that amount in. And by then Gil he actually break it where his brother who passed away. And if you don't cry and listen to this song. I don't know it's Italian it is beautiful and I guess the belief on it getting in in this kind of situation. Well thank you very much racial now you call from Picayune the does that mean that you traveled to work every day with them and spent a lot of time listening to the radio and and him on an everyday. Oh god she asked. You want to interrupt cute. Went out of school the school has an overt and our work life. And that and I hate it have any get out of the Corbett and that is not going in this room and by you know he got that. And it starts your day at that hour drive every morning. Just couldn't smiling face. I don't care what kind of day you're having to listen to him. Just couldn't smiling face and show has such a great chemistry. And I love them I truly truly did whether they knew me or not I'd have loved them. Or to thank you very much we're gonna look up here we're gonna look for your song right now but I. We love to get everybody involved on the radio right now and just tell us exactly what you're going through how you feel to six on 9797. AAA 34 all 9797. Really your words are gonna get us through. Us is a family here in New Orleans are gonna get us through the next couple days. And beyond here MB of any seven. And oh yeah. We're. And seal and this that you love to read them. And pain that's. Okay. What they're saying. Okay. It's never. You. Yeah. When you. Okay. We'll. Me. Do you love. Now. Therein. Good he's. Okay. And we're. Me. News. Okay. Okay. It's an. It's. We are W easy VW EZ BHD New Orleans. B 97 that we lost a family member today we have a teapot back on the line here. A huge family member here B 97 him the whole New Orleans area. Yeah. You know I got an email on FaceBook from so many people and I and one in particular. Got me I am from Jeannie. Which she said I don't know I don't really know kid but I feel like I know him and you know that's so true with people. They'd that they don't know us but they listen to us everyday so they do you know us and I just want everybody to ago. That. When you hear things like that it. I appreciated and I know that kids also appreciated everybody. Calling and texting. Twittering talking to him every day you may think that you don't know last said that your words never matter but all of the that you had to say tonight. That you say to us every single day. Really means something no us so the fact that so many people are calling and talking about it. That's the thing that's gonna get his family through. Right it's gonna help us get everybody through despite the words coming out everybody's mouth tonight. And the among. Yeah I mean it's. It's crazy and to think that people think that they don't know us. They make such a huge impact on our lives. Exactly. Teapot if he could stand by their for a couple of minutes we'll be right back with you okay with a lot of calls of people wanna talk and just. Get it off their minds give it up their shoulders and I think we have Al here Al are you in Shawmut tonight. Your area. And were all in shock and you're on the radio here and and know that you listen acute every morning is that right. Yes I do I do it forever more in. And he's got he's going to be greatly mayor you know. Prior you know there are those currently it is it is mr. You know he's the release shall list but it. You know and he did so much you know summits are. I right you know I wanna try to you know to celebrate what he's done you know Pollack is being held in. Their bodies got old very. I don't know if we can count that I mean it's it's just countless the amount a kids of these helped. You know the amount to edit that he's touched and in their lives and and just and so many great things for him so many years over twenty years at this point. Al I know that you you're you're gonna miss some or all gonna miss them and I think you very much for calling up tonight thank you very much and Amy and Slidell. Amy area there. It's a sad night right. You listen kid in the whole crew every morning and I. Telus Telus is on your mind. I'm in LA. We heard on the radio everyday and I it. It attic and his whole crew and art they only let more than Mac Ian I. And it. And at the last 15 years every morning I then and I and his life. My career night in your airline and daughter. And all the other members that he'll have a ticket master Visio. He really did every day I mean it was just you know his daughter. And countless we were all and we were all assembling you know. Not biologically but we're all in this family. Where and he definitely is popular LA. Thank you very much aiming calling from Slidell would love to get you on the radio 2609797. Tripoli 349797. Twitter going crazy trying to get to it right now. Also FaceBook I know you're up there we will get to you. And that definitely wanna find out what you wanna say tonight as we continue and if you haven't heard kid credit passed away today here in New Orleans on the West Bank. At his kids kids kids. Country at the country club for the kids kids golf tournament. Can we look to find out. What you have to say tonight here in Munich seven. This have a guy. Bannon means hey. I mean come on. And saved me and then it's. Pat don't. We know. New lenses and yeah. Yeah. On the pain so. And Sunday. Even the. And she. Now I. I don't change your mother's pain has. Am. And then the game Kingston. The kids unless. I'm satisfied. Yeah. And small child asks do you know whose son and Damian. That man singing. And the union dead some happy news to the rules. Soon. And. Exactly. Advanced. And and we're on its 97 and and our family. Key credit in the morning paneling. And everybody listening to be 97. You know him you love him and today he was at this week and he was in town. Doing everything he could you know wanted to get out meet everybody and first charity kids kids doing is golf tournament today he fell ill after 1 o'clock today. And he passed away he. Very. As a DJ your souls always have words and today just don't have them. So we were asking you to call up and tell us and everybody else listening right now. One would be huge family gathered together what he meant to you. And we have Britney here on the line for a year from based Saint Louis ranked. Just got off work heard the news. I did it and I and I'm. Completely shot I I really am I say. I have no idea what I mean I know I I didn't personally know him I've never met him in my life he never knew my name that I. I I woke up like this guy every April past. Here since package that. And it shocking. I mean I am just. I'd here I am a lot earlier I had found other and I say it was your right ultimately home but I am just. I and I cannot believe it. Well it was so shocking us that's why we we we waited for error for a long time before we made any announcement. It you know because you have these Hoch sometimes that you know this one did this and you don't want on the Internet and and don't FaceBook we we really. Tried to respect. Right we try to mate we try to respect the family and and and the company of you know the key credit company and and the crew that are still here in New Orleans some of them. And we just want to make sure that it was correct and we felt that this was the right time to come on the air and explain everybody what happened today. And to really get your your your feedback and everything in and what can meant to you. Exactly and it it's so weird to me that email I mean that I laughed on the show I I. Cried and only time. I act everything you know that they would talk about pat I felt like Paris getting I don't panic out on the carpet like Russia bidding a record and then. You know I couldn't really get feedback on what they are talking about it I agreed to let you know at least part of lucked out like only a lot of them has a back. Plate let the wind someone playing cat and has. Meet and it just saying that that silver lining here is bad I just. I ate at. And comforted knowing that he's that much that now. He's being out eat eat there or he. Lately there are now on the right person and you know that he was an amazing person that no doubt in my mind that he is he's exactly where he should be. Oh yeah and I. Exactly and you know if I kind of request as I know X and I. You know looking at seven usually played -- and Carrie Underwood has it and it can't see you again and it's amazing and it I'd I'd been. You know apple cup a lot of people it's not completely depressing fact that it now. But we love the gimmick and we. Pretty great words thank you very much or it looked for that song OK thank you haven't had a Ito or organ and not have a good night tonight but at least. Were all talking out with each other about this thank you very much Britney for Colin we have another Britney calling in from men to bill. Britney's still there. Britney are you there. All right we have he is from punch until are you there sir. Albert im sorry. Pretty amended bill. You want to talk a little bit about a more about kid credit. What blown. I'll think about what you can't wouldn't have a couple had an annual and whenever he won't be out and we had a mean and how my life not only one of the things that day and they ultra. He actually. I got in the in my backpack at this morning I mean it appeared short wired. Paul in it I'll give up on. We opened and we get that aren't. Yeah very powerful words. I would have died on it or not at all by everybody all that kind of back with me throughout the year and I think but we absolutely believe that it better treatment but has. Is that what have been at war with the matter have been able to help people and there that I'd call it anything ill you know out is in mobile haven't. Just got a power are now. Absolutely Bernie thank you very much it was our hero we're hearing it over and over and over again in your words tonight. As we're we remember. Kid credit in the morning here of these and seven. Yeah I do. Don't plan to being okay. Homeless. The sun. To bring us into. The sun. Mean endless and then yeah. Now we know so. And there and then you. My goodness today. And you can ask the news. Tens of millions. So when you. And you'll find disease. That makes me. Yeah. These little. We're. One man's. Money. A okay. Yeah. Yeah. It's. Okay. Okay. Do about it. I. Listen. Third zero. And always will be our hero can credit passed away today. On the West Bank shocking news. Take a deep breath we couldn't believe it all day long we've been hearing rumors and and and tweeting and this that the other thing and it happened and a little bit after 1030 this afternoon or this evening. His radio station in Dallas made the official announcement we waited as long as we could. At a respect to his family and of course our listeners to make sure that it was true. Still inhabit the of the information in front of us and here's where we are tonight we're we're asking you to call up and and give us the what gives credit in the morning meant to you every morning so we have eaves from pop utility easier their sir. Aren't I know you you you woke up of them every day. On the way to work every day. Major laugh every day tell us a little bit about our. Accord I've actually been ratio twice now irons. And his spirit his image down there are people. And I both kind actress Shirley came out and talked to the phantom. Well kinda late eighty Gorky street people every book about Taki it down to earth you didn't act or the big guys act like a downer I intriguing thought is very. Very hard. Everybody everywhere has the same thing about it he was always. He'll he'll of people you know that's that that's the zeal that's why you get him a radio that's why you. You do all these different things and and he was you know 100%. Loving the audience every single day. And you'll true release sincerely be missed he's thank you very much for gonna go to Chelsea and Chelsea's in Metairie right now hi Chelsea. You went to school with kid every day. Yeah they did in ninety he. Our I never really backhand. That he you know he thought they had effect on everybody. It's like in new elements like use your neighbor here you know a cousin or something or somebody that you and your family you know. I. You know it. The same thing. It is scared of going shown in hurriedly. You know it having any of our spending. Didn't. Just love the people they the the year with your family we do. Grant and Camilla. You know a lot better now alliance and I am my plan. Is an average talent. Just don't know. Josie thank you very much thanks for calling in tonight. Very sad night for all of us here B 97 and all of New Orleans an extended area we have Olivia from does elements well every hour of. Are you can meant a lot heated thing. It. Am I'm listening on that Allah. A little chip actually wow. He's been on the area for a long time and here B 97 for a long time to. What's what's one thing that really got in about K Edwards you know somebody that he in you meet somebody and you love them and it's like oh my god we hit it also perfectly. What's one thing that really did that with kids. Just wait all the way he got Turkey he got you when even if you didn't know him and Colleen and even YouTube. It's it's. Mikey knew hot not park your apartment you're happy you make any Keegan got Q it is just it is just a Great Britain. Am absolutely. And it's still Shockey I mean if it I think everybody's in shock right now. No not the only on. So you you had a song in money like to send up what was that song again. Can only imagine not apple role models in anger management material plane. At onto your opinions thank you Libyan. I can only and it's. Didn't live being. And went down love. Nice. I can only imagine. One man who's seen. The wind is saying this. He is the phone may. Can only imagine. Some ground and you know marine 1 am. Congress he is only Latin dance going in Jesus. More N com do you means the only last stand in new home residents. Went to my knees when oh when last seen. Playing and love me and loves me again I can only am man's. And I can only imagine us. I. Okay. Away sandy. Yeah. I can't. I can move lean mass it. When non lap when Zune. Is. For who were sham. I can only imagine. I. Early hits beat and he said in a very sad day for all of us here in the finally be 97 and of course you the listening family you all over the New Orleans and if you're wondering what's going on or maybe you're just tuning in. Very very sad shocking day today a teapot standing by here to putter you there yes. Let me just three regroup and go through via the story warmer time here that. Today around 12 o'clock twelve noon on the West Bank kids kid was in town the whole crew they had you know Jenna. It's GCB gal Kelly and of course kid. And today it was a big day because he's been looking for this for a four months and months and months. Anything to do with kids kids love it right yes kids kids golf tournament at ten relaying country club. And that they got there at noon we are taken pitchers have and every time I had to leave and go over to mollen you're ready for that they're going to be on the way over there. He was raising money for a favorite charity as we don't know kids kids and right after 1 o'clock it felt ill they had taken the hospital. And that's all we heard for a long time and end the rumor kept going and going and going. That this happened and that happened or like no way this can't be happening. And right around 10301045. Tonight his station in Dallas announced that kid did pass away today. Yeah I mean it's all so surreal. I have people emailing me right now on FaceBook and it's like you know people. Are so upset I mean. How do you. How do you listen to the radio in the morning on Monday you know knowing that that familiar voice won't be there and you know what I mean and mean. He was in people's hearts in their lives every single day. It's like that friend. That you always talked to while you're on your way to work you know he gave you some that funny to think about why you're sitting at work or school. You know just. I mean. How did you be if you think you could prepare yourself for this you can't I mean how slight watts. And it just sends an. Now Depp as always so you know it's one of those things you can't prepare for even if you know that is coming. We still can't prepare yourself for the only thing we do is just. You know take comfort in knowing that that person made a mark. In your life and just remember it and and smile about them you know think that kid hit. Don't you know don't be afraid to laugh and cry and share your emotions with others because if he he touched your life he touched others to. And of course not going to be playing slow songs forever with I think it's appropriate now that people get their emotions out in and let everybody hear what they have to say in the and we welcome your call at 2609797. Tripoli three for a 9797. Now at teapot you in Steve we've been here for a long time you worked with kids he's coming to town. Give us a memory about that you remember it's like oh my god that's so kids. I'm sure a hundred of them. I'll the other summoning memories I think my favorite memory of king it was Whitney came down for our meeting after Katrina. You know. The city had gone through so much him and kid and you know the whole show they all came down here. And we were sitting at cafe to mock me I have like at town hall meeting type of thing. Where he was just talking to a budget different people who showed up about what was important. About rebuilding our city and it made me feel so good that. That the heat. He'd love to violence you know he was all about. Rebuilding and everyone coming back and he was concerned about how people we're gonna you know. Get on get along with having such devastation like Katrina. And a I think that's my favorite memory just knowing that he was a loving and caring individual. And I'm sure you can go on forever and there's there's tons and tons of kids traffic stories that. We just talk about all night the stem by teapot and you can hear the phones were to take a couple of calls here dug it. He's been he he lives in Slidell Doug you're here right de. Very sorry I guess I couldn't believe it out to dinner with a friend when I heard it. Been stationed here for two years not kind of blown that detract didn't play in the morning. And does so I don't look at that app and fortunately for the past two weeks I've been at school started later so I've been listening to the show. The past two weeks and I can't believe I nor my French is like talking about the show up on paper space and he does I grew up with a guy. I remember every morning and I scored just listening go before I tried to school. It's it's it's real thrilled feel like I'm losing a friend actually. And it feels like a really really horrifying dream right now it's like. Really did this really happened. Exactly. What you would think with. You know it's and so every morning. Social lives every day did you know French Arabic I agree guy yeah thanks so much for children. I can't believe it. Well Doug it's a very emotional night for everybody here in New Orleans and and beyond in north fought just like where you are. And we appreciate your call today and into the memories and what kid meant to you and please keep them come and we love to hear from you. 2609797. Or Tripoli 3409797. We have Mattison analyst speed medicine is not there anymore so if you could call. Just give us your your your daily rundown. Every morning waking up with kid Kelly major feel. Usually very happy meal is made us cry once in awhile with the kids kids stuff and many will be missed. Could credit passed away today here and or months. It's been an excellent. Games you know. And you don't have an. That is new here he. And ladies and. She. Gone are all. Its and I didn't. Oh goodness. I. Okay. Okay. You sir. I said. Swedes. She's good in my grandma. A little car every day. It's. The other doctor. And ribbons. Okay. The only games. Loan and grant. Okay. I. All that I. You sir. So yeah. She'll change her name to. She'll make a promise. Standing. Room just mean. Menace it. Saying yeah. He deserves. The most. Few new moon. It's. Know. I. And. Let's. I. It's. And. Yeah. I. Okay. It's no. Yeah. They're all it is I mean knowing yourself and we're all together tonight because. Shocking shocking news earlier this afternoon and and and as a lead in to tonight the passing of kid credit in the morning. Kid credit in the morning died here in New Orleans here is here for a great charity event he was here to go to the lakeside shopping center later that afternoon later this afternoon. Earlier we had a couple different great acts up there it was beacons bullying and the most unfortunate thing ever that could happen happened here in New Orleans. And fox for a TV radio and TV station in Dallas reported they had a brain aneurysm and and we don't know. The exact details that's why we're so late telling you exactly what happened. But his home radio station in Dallas went on the air Wear that around 10301045. And we felt that that was the right time to come on the air on the radio. And and just like you know exactly what happened that kid credit passed away here in New Orleans on the West Bank. It is round the it was sometime in the afternoon we'll give you all the details once we get everything laid out for it and and exact. We don't wanna chance anything and we wanna make sure that we give you all the correct details. And we're asking you to call us up to six on 9797 which relate referral 9797. To tell us what kid credit in the morning. Huge morning show here in New Orleans everybody loved kid everybody loves Kelly. I mean I can just imagine at teapot may be your standing by here hope you're still there. I mean you're working with the guy so close every day I mean we have we have Kelly we have a big Al we have GC and Jenna and the whole crew. Just flooring news and Andrea I mean you know again we're supposed always have the right words there are no words for what happened today now. There's nothing that you can say you know there's never a perfect thing that you can say at a time like this it's just it's just awful. Newser it's shattering and it's just wow I mean. I'm getting like you know emails and and post somehow wall on FaceBook just from people sharing so many memories and I think that's the thing. That will get everybody through you know that's the comforting regard the memories absolutely. Do you putted. Thank them right back in a couple of seconds can you can you go to the via FaceBook pages and help me read some of the notes that have been left up there sure is I'm not able to do that right now but I'm getting to it and I wanna get a couple more calls on the radio thank you very much too popular back in a minute. Let's go to the phone lines here we have Madison endless feet medicine I know that you're you're trial fair here couple seconds ago I know Kim meant a lot to you. Madison area there. Yes I'm here. If I. Look like a big inspiration. In my life tell us how. Because like you. Are at or it didn't stop all other people keep it everybody else. Bourbon and all. He was a hit here is our hero like this have a couple of minutes ago I mean that song is truly about him just a hero for. For the terminally ill for the chronically ill here in New Orleans and and just everybody you know he was a positive. Ray of light in the world that we live in nowadays you know. Yes it was and I listen to him like every morning. Great career my momma and it was familiar to him and like water under it been like really. Under dale has inning and then you played in these smile like every morning. Of course he did absolutely that that's what he did that was that and that's why I came to work every day you know that's what he did and that's what you love doing. And man it's it's just going to be a big huge hole to fill and and nobody nobody's going to be able to fill his shoes or the way he did it the way you know the way that kid did it. Yeah link. Yeah is so important everybody in the light can put a smile at everybody base error I don't I could be that they without him. Madison we appreciate you your call and your words thank you so much very emotional again like teapot said. If we go back TT putt I mean it is it's just everybody's words and everybody's call Snyder giving us through altogether yeah. Give a couple of any FaceBook messages that we can read on the radio here. We had just called me into it just a bunch of people are just saying like oh my gosh this is so sad I can't. You know I can't believe it one person was and how everyone at the station the tolling up after the sad news you know. I mean and. And you know I gotta be honest with the we came on late with that because we just didn't know I mean it was I actually when it when they went crazy on the Twitter and FaceBook and all that but. We really want to make sure that we were doing the right thing and and waiting for for kids people tell us that it was okay and his station in Dallas when nominee on the radio and and they announced an end and that's when we do to. Yeah you have to be respectful most times you know Malia right stand by teapot thank you very much Kim from Covington Kim are you there. Kim I know the kid meant a lot TU every single morning Rick about. Oh absolutely definitely. Going all the latest goalie is you listen and it is like. Anything talk about that be the topic up your whole day who constantly. If talk about it all that you just be excited for the next morning. Like every single day Monday through Friday I mean there were always on point. You know what I mean. Everyday there's not a day that went by that was something that was so interesting to lift him. And you know it's a laugh. And any kid would not want us to sit here and and cry and cry and cry for days I mean he wants is to Laphen. You know let's just wait there's still was put that that's who we was you know. Yes that is exactly who would end up. As I mean I cannot and it's doubly hard you guys station you guys going on the air right now that means a lot everyone out here. I mean. It's just it's flooring in and we appreciate your call Kim thank you very much. And that we love to have you and your words about what Kidman to you every single morning part of our family waking up. Drive and accused the school. Can passed away here today and indoor lungs. The very very sad day. You know. It seems like yes and I'm sure how they yeah. So I love it closed up just. Don't always think perhaps that I Maine was pristine beach. Worst and it's unfortunately maybe even though you've got a steal it seems. His family out brilliantly when it comes and wait and see if you only makes me really miss some time. I think it's a different kind of black captain plays when this week is talking to see if you can imagine the pain of this thinking. He's still living. Believe me it's and blacks know he's very bad day we pray for me. Mean even yeah. Yeah. Immigrant he's he just needs those demons and eat some of the gondolas and they just can't. Listen. In its. He takes its main thing if pages it was doable and still can't keep him giving. He still living. Man. Yeah. And seen. We know. And and now. Only and it's. Pain. I'm hanging June NASA. Isn't yeah. Yeah. We're only kids need any civilian tonight. The sad news that we read that. We lost a family member could credit in the morning passed away here in New Orleans. This afternoon. And a teapot standing by another maybe you just turn on the radio people are leaving the radio people are coming in. If you haven't heard that earlier this afternoon kid was taken to the hospital he felt ill and after all day of trying to figure out what was going on and Andy and hearing things and late. And right around 10301045. Is when we felt comfortable going on the air with it that it was not a rumor it wasn't some kind of horrifying FaceBook. Thing that everybody you know do you fight is Eric. Yes then one of those death hoaxes like. So many celebrities get you know that happens is weak real that happens every week and we just could not believe it were like this cannot really be happening. I know that's just one of those things where it's sudden. And you don't know I don't feel you know it's not something that you knew was coming it just it snuck up on you right now. Think it's a shot. And and he was here doing such a great thing and he was so pumped up. Last night we were hanging out with a little bit and today he was over. At the way on the West Bank in and grit and doing his kids kids golf tournament at two relaying country club he was so happy to be there. He was shaken hands user you know but in the kids like he always does you know. And life is fragile as fragile as real now. It really is fragile and you never know that's why every single day to appreciate every single day that your here. You know people in your lives that you love tell them you love them you know. And he loved making people smile love helping people bring in joy to be chronically and terminally ill children that he did like every year I mean it was like it nonstop thing with care. He touched so many lives I mean. You know what it meant for those kids to be able to go to Disney World. I'm sure like. I mean he just touched so many lives and and I thank him. You know for everything that he's done for all those terminally ill kids and the thinking of heated for everyone you know. After Katrina like you're just talking about a lot of minutes ago I mean you know there that was a big deal for New Orleans I mean. You know who knew that Katrina could really happen and it did and he was here and and he just loved everybody here. There he was here and he was making people smile you know. We all had so much craziness going on all around us but it came here he took the time to make sure. You know that we we have smiles on our faces that we knew that we get rebuilt it was is that it was a magical thing. And he encouraged everybody to do that and the and he was here. We're helping rebuild do you know yeah. Well I know the kid did it though doesn't want us to cry all the time and and and beset him plays sappy music and and and music that old you don't just make you go all gone. So we're gonna we're gonna go back to the regular format. And starting tomorrow at twelve noon we're gonna do a full day of your calls and and as a tribute to keep credit in the morning. So if you it if you epic if you if the thoughts and teapot I'm sure you'll be joining in a little bit here and there. You have a thought please put up on FaceBook if you going to be 97 dot com I believe we have a message board up at this point. Love the pitcher messaging and your feeling and your words Edward putting on the radio Tamar. Starting at twelve noon and now we would love to hear from him again very sad ninety putt thank you very very much for. For helping out here tonight and and sharing your thoughts on Kidd who's been a staple in New Orleans for a long time. Yes while teapot. Ghostly but insurer. I Khloe is. I'm actually sitting here burping her right now I hear I hear. T putt thank you and Gannett parent thank you as we lost a family member here in New Orleans kid credit passed. This is W easy BMW EC BHD New Orleans beat 97 the home of kid credit. In the morning.