Tpot on Stevie G

Wednesday, December 6th


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And I can't say it is like announcement timer or some thing what I always the one net making announcements over here. Comment yeah. You realize that I did not say it's the afternoons world today and if you look at dvds FaceBook page scene you know that's kicking that drama I'm melodramatic wrote that the afternoons where does know more. That's because of other opportunities and the good things going on in life that Stevie. Is no longer here. Mom and some. The heat is seen now this is where if you know me you know tee tide you probably about to cry and only because I cried very easily can. And nobody did right now so I should probably comment down. But that. Now this she doesn't and now my AM. Co worker. Send in 2000. Yeah and my on air partner. Since 2004. We got engaged and started the afternoon's oral march 6 two and 2006. So I've been on the air with him for a very very long time and and some. Not only was he my husband my best friend and my baby daddy and her. Partner. So yeah it's no we year yeah. An inconvenient or. Because I'm used to having us. But yeah. Because he is my baby daddy. He is in my leg everyday he's so it's not like. I have to worry about that because he will we will be together on a daily basis we will see each other on a daily basis spend holidays together the whole thing. So. It's not that is much is it is that I'm happy trailer that can he gets to. Grow. And I also get to grow we grew up here and the 97 together. But now we get this sort of grow up separately even more and transition to new parts of our allies. And I think that that's very important for everyone to experience some sort of personal group and that's what we're doing. So I am. I guess you won't we hear me say afternoon's who. I I am still here and I hope that you stay would mean I have opened my light. Do you prefer very long time you see my kids you've seen my wedding you you know you word. Here when I announced today I was getting divorced and I hope they use stay with me because. You know I do this yeah because I love doing my job and I hope that you know New Orleans allows me to keep you might. And Houston I think that this is going to be a really. Just really didn't move and I think that we will be OK you know I know that we will be OK so. Make sure that you keep listening stay with me and she wolf. Always be able to see pictures of meat. Stevie are girls if you keep up whether social media just like I said where's the part of each other's daily lives and armed. Just make sure that you keep us in our little family in your thoughts and prayers and XP 97.