Remembering Kidd: Kidd's Characters

Thursday, July 27th

4 years after losing Kidd, we still love every second of fun he gave us

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Four years since two democratic passed away. Fun kid back then about your new listener to the show are you eating units from four Matthew McConaughey hey he's the pretended he can credit to get its clubs yeah that's right. That that that backtracked there are from Big Apple is now from Matthews math. I like it did a great Matthew McConaughey as well for an impersonation. Favorite give credit character mine was obviously kinsey because he was basically my wife on the radio as well. It was so stupid. Way. I loved what he did the EM BP S subtlety and it was the stupidest who shortens the artist the pregnant every Kelly. We'll JC. Out of had a lot of time to think about it. I would probably say the most memorable ones for me would be the mommy Tesla noticed the last graded me to know and because he gave me a script. I'm sorry man a script and any wooden stick to it. And then. And I'm trying to get back on Coors and he just aggravating me which was his point yes aggravate me. My real favorite and being he'd been I think had to be me read that book. The first run burst brutal I really want to thank not really my dad that was so funny he's live he's yet this big bright idea was gonna write a book and I was battery to chat live every day on the air if any would let me read it ahead of time site I got to read it. With everybody else I inherited the first time and don't let my man that your democratic fashion he probably wrote it read before he became the first he started planted the first he'd go home he's sweat enslave Everett. And then it got the point recommit that morning like Aaron chapter. During the commercial recchi got to write a chapter yet if it really crazy really have brilliant and the credit facility he'd be like the man was as tall as a six foot two and I really likes. I'm saying president and that you have Follett novel wary had my character on a plane and of course I'm if I'm reading the whole book. But he had me on a plane with. People from ten different countries. And they were all speaking in their native accent. I was bike hasn't burger grain Lee he's of course died laughing long and if you hated on his book or his writing he would right to inning kiln you yes yeah. And I want it was very negative stuff about the book and he wrote in his horrible character killed. And. Mr. Taylor sound radical would stand in line to get criticized book holy Moly it was amazing to us a freebie boards is that everybody. Jenna favorite character kid did Terry raspberry. Defiantly there's a random day that we decided to do a green screen and do whether. And Iraq how like frazzled what are we gonna do for this bit and he did dish that weatherman and then Terry raspberry and I happen next door for three hours after work I was and he years. My been so hard. So in honor of kid we're gonna do and eyes montage of kids' best characters you go on kid the host but what isn't. Attitudes that there are no blood Rick's. Pop pop up and you can do the three judge turtles and frantic dad loved me. I came here I'll never going to forget it you're actually threatened to have to use my father did so that I would have to call you step mom and. Flown back to Florida. We'll never forgive you for that month. Filed kids. What's it like working with kids. And I'll go you'd like is we get dragged into these things and he's amazed at her I'm. Violence goes. You'll know who's and we all he'll be yellow. Yeah not none is there interrupting cal now cured it in Europe. And now here have got the news. Are you finished. Due. To devote who's the un sexiest such a dramatic in the morning it's the hacker you are oh thank you. On them to remind the public and have. And we. Lot of good cats that's captain Jones Brentwood fire aboard short because I just hit iron to pump up up up up up. I'm not drag and OK I'm almost 6% body fat. My right foot from number one most watched video last week on the show wouldn't think it was a kid shows is down just broke out. Singular form not ads have been. But we destroy again that's so is that how why would people watch that. I think he needed a laugh continue to become mr. puny her son on the need to make fun of other people I know you think my yellow shorts. Are inappropriate for grandma's funeral Gilbert. I'm so cool when he spoke to do is almost CD even on ADD. So everything has to be perfect but not for very long if you're gonna be a slash fear PGA. She boys and girls it's time gets hot can complete sentences please is there. Beating catches stick around it's coming up next of kick credit in the morning on what I can credit in the morning on the on the radio here yeah. I can't help but probably more didn't. I ate it and Gordon but the culprit. You may and I armored I'm right here. CNN. Our staff asked how low radio is this angry mob rested and I knew a woman into the her and her reviewing I'm here watching closely than it was in the river turns to butter me up and turned martyr and later I'm gonna knit a sweater that'll take a year off the very angry Kelly while. Angry now you're you've got. Big breaths in an odd going on that hey at least my blasted right you're gonna work. Action taken that there's no plastic surgeons you know it's taking 60 where I am I don't have any. Breast to get in the way when you're out you know churning. Or jogging. And now they're even play a round of golf without a messing messing up with your swing and what do you. I was David Foster and Abraham Lincoln and I'm surprised that make. I'm. If you're just tuning in we have Kelly's overalls on. Wedge pair of overall business. And originally you know. I loved. There's still a little loan. Hey it's okay that bing had been twelve and didn't think maybe you don't have enough how much can really be that way about. Have the kind of coordinate a good job overall. Oh. Hard look at our. Eric are you regretting it all look back just that I had here sixteens. Didn't even. I know the OK okay yeah. I did you. Of them only bigger it's not go ahead of bigger things. Yeah hello Carla. And a third or whatever you're anymore not that bad can they don't and they. Yet he trying to sun god now real bad guys know me anymore Kelly can I get back when you. The mommy test in which are hypothetical three year old son who understands what Santa is played a lot. Appropriately by democratic. And play. No more. And doll. That anymore plots and punish you severely. Our poll. And now I have to have a talk with your father again yeah. You guys get excited where this is not a good most of us that's got an annoying and what does that we thank you think I'm I. Under. Theme song is weighted 68. At the united three in the rumors and. Very short. Time he has been doing. Must be nicer guy. On a good thing the more the main shipping and handling. Oh when I've been to give credit to my. I am not and I don't work yeah that is. The injury now even less pick up commercial and about thirty minute pitcher and Pasadena and an hour and and didn't much mind saying whatever can. From not being. Times and the program went on nine. It is yeah. Yeah. Half of China and Vietnam. Given every despite whatever comes and and and he is based. I went to DJ who urged note and not. They have apparently did you know well I think that's very bad points like in the nation. Mean he did okay. Until then I'm Michelle my lawyer told me yeah. A lot of money look at our intellectual property and that kind of crap to. Be windy days that the live show and everybody remembers. Is that every time Allen and human history to promote its violent. Yeah he's rich enough to do that is theories are. I got a big house this. Taking vacations a year and a half cup. When you stay there not at this would hold till you get a free travel size of X bodies paraded. Michael and ask but is brilliant in NN that Max. So go X somewhat gruesome ask. And honest herb and I always ask me he's. Or use those where they could you just made love those. Well you don't or is it because throughout a statement about bloopers and. That's an excellent question. We're not swear that I like that the given his mom Bonnie cry him. I have got very emotional bond and no bargain. Cop oh is that ball. Yeah hollered at all. And we'll take your call as well. Lowe's Leno do. Hide it did not after building management. Forgetting all extra air Laura at a very strong leader. Harry got an eerie thing like. Addict who you're gonna. Look up. We got the door respects it could not to get the ball we're all sort nobody here. Don't odor coming off the wounded and weren't related. That is the signature role do you that this went home to that would grow. I wanted to sell most of you would demand right now. All right it. Thank you billboards for colas. Hey Johnny trying to push. This is actually. A lot. Yeah and in unison and learn the rich don't. Really doing a lot of work to watch and I met. Yeah. That was an abating says my bride oh you mean all in whoa whoa. Just honey you're not have to call your pay rent. Now I have a service and that he. Don't have a pool. Parents need. Talking about. You're looking into mountains backyard now. She. Didn't mean. And now it's time for that Wal-Mart employee that he thinks all chicks are hot forum and somebody's. You need. He's fashion. Hang you high school and Wal-Mart maybe we'll have to be expensive and I'm wondering hey what's up. Baby. Yeah I yanked out then you'll have low little. Well while result the wall is very open call meal than Wally Wally we is keen to get the staff coolest thing that she got here. Hot to peace not tacky. Flip flops not who have achieved. The shapes. Bull break tomorrow. And it's looking bodies have some big Memorial Day plans. Yeah our guys Adelaide. Act and an Indian. I love the lake stating. The lake babies. I love the babies at the late. Did you know what good will not present the water for 34 seconds. Plus allowable limit any chance the best cannon ball. Who knows such an alternate on the high school swim team. I can I'll ten doesn't make Cuba. I like to do. That breast. You can. If you look at how well it. What about coming home. Yeah I can tell all what I do now. I can't forget I have battles. But it's early winter can't agree. Only fox no matter what. Well hello Warren. You know I should I have read that question why now why because I mentioned that one and it may find that its board is Cheney. That's a I think he has the third floor of a. Three and we can't read that name and I can't think shiny and they think. How did the plane I don't know all of the thought I had a. Our. I'm sure going to Mexican restaurants would people who don't know how to eat chips he's also a Republican help some people here this program so frustrated. The biggest event says. Breaking the chip off into the salsa are not getting it out hot down after the break she's so carefully edited out and you get that would the next shift people. Listen to me I know why this happens you're putting too much weight on that ship. I think coach who speak every die tomorrow but I guess it was anger but most people holed one point of a triangular tortilla chips right. I'd did the long edge of the triangle when I get the most to get the most did what square footage scorched through much weight on that ship. I cannot believe you've got two of them yeah. I am hell of the disaster are gonna tell you some mama bear with a does a Little Rock your world we put it all flat. It was off the attack us at thirty Simi in my juicy sweats and I thought I not gonna brag about myself and my friends think Gelman be neat lady can be yeah. Gives the unsecured to a larger problem. We need a party. Yeah. They kill it's. It. It's nice that there is everything we've dreamed up critical other deadly what do you do and now. Minutes. Need that I'd bet do after her. Good afternoon drive that I want to be free in the afternoons for golf that's a great and it got the warning show up there will advance the group would that go what cheddar Renton that trickled down his book the flights that are really went the better good job wardrobe. And the kids kids and music meets medicine therapeutic arts Truman memory of kid credit that's what we're trying to raise money for that's country on a terribly kid. You can donate by texting the word kid KI DD 252000. For ten dollar donation. You know he's telling his face of them because it's camera to two point yesterday a lot of people have asked me where can I go pay my respects to kids like I never got to say goodbye threat we don't have a place other than coming here to visit us. We need this weeny bit yes lays the ground people concede and children can learn when neat place for him. And so this would be the best way. My name will live forever if you're part of this room so he can do that by texting or Austin and cute kids dot com we're gonna take donations all the way up until August 22 sort of goes into kids' kids. Up until August 22 will go towards the decay of credit are true and I felt helpless zealot that all of the DOJ. That's a lot about kid brat I encourage you know during this four. Have passed since she passed away four years today do what he loved that golf again and raising money for kids kids ask Anna but if you. You're alive today he would tell us that that would be the way he would wanna go Guinness anyway.