Remembering Kidd: Honoring Kidd

Thursday, July 27th

4 years after losing Kidd, we still love every second of fun he gave us


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So we've running Carolina credit. Into the studio Miguel Matt would you like to say what you want to attempt to do with her today well I'm since today does mark for years and should have passed away I thought it would be appropriate for me to do our carry on the torched and two bath time with Carolina so. I'll I thought you literally I didn't know where I was carrying an you're tonight it's time for new nonunion. That's what I'm glad to have more on the mat and no I'm not gonna I'm home before the and I think that the bad mouth yeah I got weird it's not weird this episode now. And yeah I know that's the heart attack as part and that by about moments I had no I site eyesight lap a lot of respects. Out of respect you've got a friend along this time Carolina blue though I'd best TJ Maxx doctor. Yeah. How many we are those on the harmony we all of us. As we. Let me you know cash. So kid discovered you when you what 1616. Years are actually it was fifteen I lied about my age to get into the van and Kelly not and I got her hand heavily IO everything. I know I'm a liar. The bad sign but yeah late again oh what was it about the about GMAC while he needed to cute young young December accused member of the ban was always the stock cars Justin Timberlake look at nick Nick Carter US dollar and I said. Is our Nick Carter and a girl that you ought to end. And now are both on the boards Amax on the board of kids kids when are now Asa and so his story went off to LA in pursuit is streams and then came back to Dallas and like I'm going to be a doctor now because that's what most people do that there are you. A emergency medicine. Emergency is a great place to be with a name like doctor slaughtered there. Yeah I. It it. Doctor heels. She like on he'll need like all day like Wallace sexy time romance and going on behind the scenes all the time actually in Grey's Anatomy one the person one of the residence with having a relationship with a ghost yet that happens to yes. I gave us a lot of downtime and that ER yeah always relay it back channel so that. So what's going on Caroline's cell and GMAC has a nonprofit that I've worked with before and I think you guys that are aware of this and I talk about all the time called music meets medicine. And I've had on her argument then and they do music therapy at hospitals and they also is musical instruments to children. Well cell what's really cool about what they do is these kids that are in treatment. Every day have the opportunity to work with music therapist. My inner part about it is that they can it be in keynote everyday at the hospital and when they believed they how to scale. So they leave but learning how to know how to play the guitar that's snow it's not like you're productive escapism that act that our kids rhetoric as. Kids pick up things a lot faster than adults do it's true. There you know and Casey's Gilles August or. Lot of kids. I think that was even the publicly and I don't I'm. I girls' mother. If that doesn't about really passionate about and there is actually an opportunity at the house on hospital there's a new music here and there yet and how the stream. Naming rights on the music meets medicine and hit it program and honor it. So there's not anywhere in Dallas you can go that kind of like commemorates my doubt Reid can go in that I yes cell and I believe he deserves that and my dad did a lot of volunteer hours that told friends and he. Obviously was variants music so what better way to honor him and then with this program so I'm gonna make my plea on airing now his. Birthday is August 22 in the snow we really wanna raise money for this ram by his birthday. The national atlas and primaries is that. From that you consider your let's just say 70000 dollars or 30000 dollars -- less than a month to do so you can do it and I think we can deal or two ago we wanna help out they can text to donate and that's honor wasn't breaking his daughter was like it's it's not content to donate honored and listen and your donation hair I really think that my dad deserves this. It's the four year anniversary and I don't want his memory to be lost and so what about her away to happen as Mary alive. And somewhere wreaking down that's helping children everything that on the men's side is there I never can as the kids' kids' website also takes nations for the trip so you have to earmarking you for this music know just any donations that began and then next it's going to be earmark it or that outcast contact yet everything's gone for the kid credit basic and Elisa is kids kids dot com that's KI DD as KI DS dot com. There's two days in Judea and you did a little extra for that should be that's. Really cool they got a deal in that area bear and I think he did enact you don't award today yes I am you know I don't know in your scrap about it. Bodies without him out of that pilot of the doctor yeah we're screwed Alibaba an invite don't you know among not a doctors and get some scrubs Werman they have stores that sell them really yeah I was a doctor. No no art practice or not probably ally and half an hour by means that the scope and yeah. Well the problem with that is when you Wear scrubs in public you're eating with your family instantly comes up I got this thing a much but I was just hoping you can look. Adding. That answer for now. You have dol dot there and hello my that again. I have the problem is a dramatic tax choke in the restaurant doesn't look to cheer you know I doubt. My third and I don't I'm. I did a guy that was in medical sales and they have to Wear the scrubs too and he like was delusional body was doctors everywhere every down behind it and I'm like you doing anything at any I don't need not you can sell the device that doesn't get help as well how does and politically like what are you gonna handle the we have a wonderful day at work doctor slaughter coolest name there. And he works with kids these doctored. And hey if you like we can drop the F soft and I'll be doctor laughter yeah. The bad jokes today I don't. And by the way go to our website kid nation dot com because there's a cool version of alleges that. So we want you to see that as well. That's at Diggnation dot topics covered AJ Mac hey great to be here. Thing. And. It became that it can rip yeah. Yeah. Steve you've completely there's a medal round and remember my brother keep credit. TV remote is this where all this I such as many times we are here for three reasons. Okay was held here under your he would entertain often. We are here to inform them and we are here to inspire Marion and tomorrow. Clients are we doing this is why are you OK got you don't make everything the only thing. And as soon as our world La hey here's. Windows sounds. And how again and that's slow. Okay and yeah. Aria okay get an elderly okay. All we gave yolk are victory today when a new moon. PG. Look at it up again. Yeah that's dad. My dad drunk you say onto the house gonna gig gig and gets huge on Sunday negating the need to get your just off my truck. It. Its first. Some action day that. This entertaining if not they come online order noted that the memo no amount earlier and it says the girl Dillon read and are. Boom boom boom boom boom Bada boom boom boom boom boom super bad from whenever things are for. Doesn't make you may feel nice and shiny losing Kelly that's very she's so why needs to be OJC. What's up with me. I got a little girlfriend her name is Kim these singing. Well he's not just play out this don't matter if it's not telling Danielle he'll go I'll win you know. And John. Okay. Apple made. You stated we're very you know remind Garland go and I'll DR king crab legs you know we love guy. Here muscle man. Knew I am out first no room where I'm making years long knows where. So timing was an issue for you not at all and how dare you be mean the nickel back. Not really. Grid. We'll leave me alone. My am I don't know we'll all remember mom has. Mom and I don't mean to drag you all. What number reason rail car. And then I. I'm. I'm move. And you all the wire. Yeah like that all men good mood. And that's just my luck. Positive feelings are running on not. So why can't they get up and they one thing that saw. And me. There is playing its. Dozens Huckabee may. This doesn't sound can be me. Start your day and I could not be any more have been dozens of could be maybe. Kelly rest area Jana Jason he and mr. random man yeah almanac. Right back.