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Tuesday, November 28th

Speedy Interviews Bruno Mars.

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Those Bruno you've got to be silent you're Grammy nominations man. Men come come come on cloud nine and they now. Six Grammy nominations including record of the year. Album of the year song of the year best R&B best RB performance and best RB song and now your own TV special tonight on CBS to report came magic live at the Apollo tonight and I've got asked this question is I'm not really shore but have you ever played at the Apollo before. Ever been and then I've always wanted to go not even the fact that the before but. I've always wanted to go watch this show there are schools want to choke on the field Parlow and and so many you know James Brown live at the highlight to have a dvd. I'd go to these Latin the Apollo in it and if you say it's that monumental he would that's his sacred place. Analyst wanted to go there and born with a TV special idea have been. Put it much easier for us could just put two cameras with a one of these. Local content that was norm but I can assimilate and that was enough you know wanted to be some difference but he's made some. Special fund Myanmar and the other piece that made it's going to be special for the viewers to. Being used to just excited about this concert as we do. Apartment in apartments you know what with a lot of this joke and I. I want you guys have a good time will be. Broad iMac and I we're all huge fans and viewers and we're just wishing you the best of luck. We hope you went off six grammys and it wait to see this special tonight on CBS. We thank you. Thank them relax and. Bush is the only guy that I know of that had ever driven a jet ski through the fountains at the Bellagio and Vegas September that how you got away with that it. I don't know why they let me do that and how I pulled out one off but that was. That was the best way to wrap up of video huh. Yeah no doubt that's the way to wrap up video. I know what is what are your head while you were filming that for the 24 K video. Talladega although they should let me. I didn't sign a waiver doesn't look bad leg out so well but how the expected. May you look at it back a little kid that was getting away with some you shouldn't have been. Speaking of kids Bruno how fortunate thing back to your childhood. That when we bought apple about a conversation. But I mean Christmas is on the way it's always wondering. What was the first great gift that you got as a kid that you could still remember to this day. Our. Our men you know what I really wanted to bicycle. So bad as. You know don't let up it was to pick of the bicycle and must first it's fine that's what it was Monday got enough first it's and I played that thing out. Totally CU with a guitar that basically. That was the beginnings of Bruno Mars so just that are out there I would bet it even two or four minute now so when you backstage hanging out with the band and those got to be a lot of things going on in my mind is probably different of what exactly is going on but it what do you guys do to pass the time. The video game that we Uggla was caught and began meeting yeast and beyond should only remember. Maybe they can take its Genesis and Nintendo. Anyway they've made for PlayStation. And so we clinic gained four hours sometimes backstage and care for the poor or gambling monitor what their whose team and I think it's pretty. I broad outline they got Iran Manson you TV specials on tonight on CBS. Tony working magic live at the Apollo. Tonight on celebrate this country celebrate this moment but a broad around they got to run man happy holidays do you bro they keep yes how much. I would let the rest is very.