Bad Moms 9: Love/Hate School and Family Photo Fails

Thursday, April 5th

When parents love kid's school and when we don't. Kim Kardashian-West's family photo is just like ours. Royal wedding sleepover watch party?

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I keep us from being any sad end and I. So almanac for magic and only nine and be 97. And am I edited in such high senate's pier eighty in some way you know ideology. I'm sorry it's two clarity no you are conflicting. The good team you do leg a thousand more being even I'd do it. And then you know I basically have to send this thing to you for this to even get a good. Next. How about a clear gap. Listen I ever Darren met some stuff press talk about it has 'cause at first we relate what are we gonna talk about. And I realize that like I had a whole bunch of things to talk about. And the first of all let's talk about how discussing children are. I. Let's just come out. Out of the box and say it because it's just so frustrating I write about in and it cleanliness and how Slaton and doesn't know playing well annoying faces covered is that no they're not mean not like discussing has been dirty just disgusting as an excellent point. So did you Pradesh he ends. Easter picture was utility to reverse the family picture violent. It just was a group shot was that that you start. No it was a one I mean it was the last east today from Sunday English she posted yesterday but I guess only the Avalon I keep forgetting she's got three of them debris all 500 yes right yes but it but it. I loved. That it's not so much to me till meet you because. His eyesight yesterday as I was walking because it came out Dell is on Jim connections face but good check back bright. And so I'm Gardner it's a Graham as I'm walking so you know I would be and so I would have somebody do as a walk in my car in the evening on. I think it does privacy. You you dug out so it's not Princeton Graham and I look at and I dizzy all kids so cute right. Until then today I sign on my big computer where I actually had a chance to really look at. Everything going on in that picture and I realized. I love this picture and kids all stuck. So she's like holding this may be okay now and then it. She said that she was grabbing the back of saints shirt which you could see that his shirt it was kind of cool little genuine CNET and a little boy that says she says that bush is only available. Sushi is a little blame other she's at the other little boys have been so she's holding it site. So she's wholly Chicago while grabbing the saints shirt and now's. That was her caption Blake holding a man about how the picture was a disaster holding a baby while grabbing the other when shirt. If you really look nor is standing on her foot with. Both feet. Look north to. Stay and be the winner both her feet and she's making. Pizza which is adorable but not you're just trying to get one. For me it's on our right and a little delay. Let me know their names I don't know if you don't know think now I don't north I don't learning here. So. The little boys looking away and here's my favorite part about it. Kind AA who is generally kind of a happy sky cap is making those cranky is. You know they're fighting you know like as they're taking his picture there just in mid to fight. It's so it's just we'll try to get definitely. I know it is still just all I look how he's just sitting there at some us like. I come on. Come on we've got to take this photo you know and then he displayed while that is there's nobody on his feet that's like the epitome of that you know no standing on his beat. Do we any thing he's just there to smile. And mom somehow you can't even do that kind yanked it. And I'm in motto somehow have to make this though. And she's doing you know what can could actually we do which is looking uneasy embrace it and okay and they're like I and then she says this is right for all three kids cried I think I cried too and unlike. Every family but I never. Every every single and can I real I take it so annoying trying to get kids to take pictures so with my kids nanny has always had this really awkward smile. And she and my nephew they're close in age they're like a year a year apart and they both have these awkward smiles so whenever we would be like. And do you. We Colin pow that has east bounce up and down on when he was little. Milling many so those are real and they would just smile like somebody was pinching them and let some real. You are just some IL didn't have to get it clearly took he took it is now she look how weird it is essential UTC did a glorious smile yes that was when she first started taking pictures. OK so then I a kitten then than it involved her her being able to take normal pictures. And now it is where you have to be lake out. Please keep skill over and over and over and just snap it in between when she listens and stay still. She's like take this picture of me doing what ever she still my thing and I'm like why. Yeah. My daughter refuses to smiled a chill any weird faces links blue like we yeah he faces. And she will also like this morning and they are doing is really chipping with them both like watching the same iPad in my head generals like all. Let me take pictures so I when I wanna touch them I hear that keeps sometimes right. And so I could take the picture and my young son barely notice let there and she's like. Make it hi Amy we're faces. Had to offer her ice cream in northern region and looks like he candid beautiful moment of the public don't want to get SI. Sick she's like that ice can only guess that ice grains. Aaron thanks guys. See that's why that's why your kids are crazy because you offer them treats for everything stuck. You street just for this K looking photo would ever really you wouldn't do that for when this yet you're right. Yeah yes but surely be a little and be like here you can't lipstick or something. Let's sickened the girl's Easter baskets Z yeah that's probably get an economic. Yeah it does taste teach eight because my kids you know back in the day. They would eat us. If especially in the lip gloss that for spot I've read it yeah like document of Clinton a plus oh yeah that would gloss was so good ice to get epi Khloe and they know and that it would also digger fingers in and it would just be as disaster. So I so banks can I might make up onto the I'll tell you yeah because you know I looked awful. Demeaning woman we looks great today. And. OK next topic UK school. Yeah like. We hate school but we also loves school. Let that muscle when their not they are handling these donors to your guns school opening yeah. Because every single year you know towards the end of the year I'm like oh my god I'm so happy this year is pending and so then when school is about to start up in the fall you're like. Start. Lakes of these children and happy his homework it's your home or I know nobody wants to do the homework in the break. It's so weird because now that they are on Easter great. You know a month Easter break is ending but they've been off for school all week so I've gotten this nice little chance tent sleeping in in the mornings a little bit I'll yes I'm into presidential sixth. You know when they had a school like it's I can make up in the morning. I can do things get their Christmas go to work so that's really not me you know and that sort of thing like you can go to work. And not have to worry about late what are your kids doing or have your mother imam over to watch that in my home alone you know. Well yes that's true. But I do that all the time and I think the point. Tonight the Catholic school. Is a hassle because the homework but then when they're not schooling dot forget those days been schooled just randomly asked to close let me ice storm hours out or something crazy. That's the day where you really realize how important. Your life like cleese. I think all ten within it was about the teachers strikes yeah and other like eighteen day is no school like oh yeah. Yes I. Still think that parents to seriously like when they didn't. Wanna turn this into like one of those moms are right things and I. We need how they like. Others post in. Okay by the late preach to tell us if you have to go diligent king preached don't add. I'm actually not good soccer. I don't mean neither Danny is I don't play out. Abbey hit it it isn't very give a call when you have a children. To work first of all when they get sick you've got to take off and then you have to use your vacation days sport even now that's not a vacation for you at lake. No it's just all very frustrating to doctors appointments might not I want to take them should not anyway. Yeah and that's a lines more so. You'll want you know I wish I could say why can't there be. Milton parent days but the people legally that's what you vacation days or four. You know what I mean OK fine mare but then you've got other people in the office who don't have kids will what are they get they don't get the same days off review. And it's really frustrating because you wanna say this is not. A vacation from the you know let's look at true and a July agree so much felt like before I had kids unclaimed. What should I be penalized because he wanted to have kids I just hit a brick yeah it's it except I think I remember seeing different the other side I was an idiot. Plus I cared before I had kids I just was like. Vacation days. Way. Because you didn't take some food and now is. Like I just I'm insane like that like I'm always working hello I'm the person who for maternity leave work from home. Like I just don't I like. I work I don't know I ball I just always do that and and when I'm not at work I really wary about work but. I think I'm wary about worked because I know that everybody seek. Leaning judge because if you're not at work isn't someone who's taking your spot is or someone who's doing your work I'm change teachers need to. Blake what's going on that work but there already so much eliminated Australia. So I would be battling yeah. Depressed about our lives thank you for this now. Let's go to our royal slumber party expect. I we Todd does so what about our friends who aren't getting him back its weight it down. So this is not happening but theoretically. We weren't thinking yeah yeah at its peak if someone could say take my kids. To the north sure I know why can't would you say that this is like my thing because I don't have friends. Okay a so we're good so let's say Hannah yeah taking your kids to the North Shore yes. And then we go to see your house yet and your husband committee got there because you know you eve be still married and just sit here and right. Your husband can also go out to Anna's house method yet. Then. I could go to your house yeah maybe like nobody else that we know so let's not even know Owens might just means you Jack. And that we could watch the will soon have just please go to the real needs are. In the final. This is that I PM well it's I thought it was 6 AM six. So crazy okay what is it like kind of light doze off on and on you know. But I have to actually watch it like you could bark charade I feel lake. A senate hearing your head and it'll be like and she missed the Tierra. Oh complain if yeah I'm always you know we have to sleep and I am sitting here idiotic things we think we should deal we think we should and street good news out of a tea cup yes Brett probably cheek yeah very yet but I think he's out and has skeletons. Screw loose and yeah we have pastries like skull and then stop fir in the morning. As for the reception should have little teasing and questions. Who. Did you ever broke with your name monogrammed on it not look I'm the actual queen of England. I mean I have Blake a lawful fabric. We rode with my initials on it when he stole from a hotel no I was Arnold wedding and I got it may feel like my friend got it made is my bridesmaids gift though the only wrote in my house is my daughter's hello kitty you know that doesn't fit her anymore. I'm telling Ellen. We need to find Blake. Some nice groups. Are not royal fascinate had. And my well pantsuit. That we can't add that. Yeah I those hideous hats they where there is I don't know I L lake I wanna Wear that. Does that lake what's your name. What's your name they give my all and the not arch by Steve in Macon Michael's gonna have to Wear those everywhere. Medial hold her parents' place from her messy but Coleman got her messy battle island back. I have never seen people so crazy over a messy time if not I mean not. Eight got repaid tension and humor on Israel thinks she is I think amazing she's totally orchestrating everything she really loves. Prince Harry. Until he's a prince Frederic. And I think she's Smart about everything she's doing it because I'm working hearing to be box but she everybody loses a mine in Britain because she pulls her hair back but the front our hair falls out her face yeah. And everyone's like. Don't pull your hair back and now I don't need to. I don't know what you're. Oh. Like she doesn't have a more together nine gigs. You know it's find out what do you do mean. I'm wondering is placed front. Couldn't. If it's humid there is it you loads of reins on to meet me yeah Nady so sick because she's she's got really big hair so I'm. Imagine and let her hair. Yeah so that's the I'm imagining that she has parent lake Mattie my ten year old who has very sick care yeah right it is right now he's hair out. If I straighten it out it's still very thick but you know it straight and kind of hold it like she's had to trade in cents over the weekend and it's it has not curl back rappers clos is Erica. Hers etching over the weekend and they display curled right back up almost immediately but still it with a hole in San I don't know like a Bobby pin. You'll going to be it does and not I like her like her edges do Blake curl up. Blake you know. Which they herb Blake baby here's will curl up so maybe that's why. You know her plan mind you don't eat eat eat you just holding him back with the Tierra. My crown castle older they're meaningless to line. Here's an empty nest a boom Mike Ashe would if that's it but I bet after she gets that Tierra. She is gonna have perfectly lake slicked down sleek and combines all the time. You may said that today's is like that it's a whole discussion going on in England apparently without your what you Wear and tear out. At the wedding and I thought that's that was ridiculous question ever because I'll Wear and tear up for my birthday. Or like just a random girls night out. I have a friend who wears Tierra while she's cleaning her house did so glad I did she not care what actually married prince I'm a lawyer here. Kids T aaron's all time high pitched just sitting Iran now. Yeah I might just put on their part and I have wondered why don't even did some might have that's not staring back delivery back and this real important and not. Novelty store minor party sees them. Or like dispensers Tierra or something like that hers is co and. I think in Sunday if we were holed it from people we could have went in as Mardi Gras clean. Here salad and nice I wanna tear with a penis on and. The net impact us. And then yeah right so. Think you got to remember. If we think we're not leaving yeah we're not his if you think I'm parenting is that just remember. That's gonna actually getting it out to women. If you think parenting does that send them back. Didn't didn't end like just remember what that our kids I'm finally. Do you think I just got. Again OK we never get the same arena because I've just actually remember yeah okay but again just remember if you can guarantee that Leno. But we do what I get is that if you think we're parenting badly just remembered. And these are just remember. Just remember the win. You are.