Bad Moms 7: Kids with Sharpies + Toys R Us sale starts

Friday, March 23rd

Dirty drawings done with Sharpies. Tpot's painting her house. And the Toys R Us sale has begun!

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They get any time off. So it was about the health and Michel frank what. Except I'm Chris within like two weeks ago so you know we just how little hiatus like (%expletive) and me I'm finally doing all the wrapping paper from the living room. Yes but I still have some tissue or somewhere like that wrapping tissue and stuff. I'm an avid teapot and this is where we talk about how we are grave my. Really hit the back so let's jump right insulate your kids drank penises and my daughter is five. And she it was just I ever saw. They so tough me and he's in the shark week. The moon now why. I don't know enough unity because I don't care don't OK okay so I just try to keep them focused on drawing only on their points yeah. Because it just put it can't we sell the toys I tried to resell the two is right. And there are so picky when you didn't feel like once upon a child or whatever yeah I can I never done hopefully not going to be able to because they take. Nothing come this isn't perfect shape and I had I was holding me down. Pottery barn kids yet. Doll house right yeah I mean it's perfect and then I don't notice that well there's a window pane is seen on the suddenly became whenever it so I've given up about the executives was in good condition does that well. It surrogate can. Shouldn't have done that race and quite as severe and it my son his twins have a 56 d.s. China on heat OK we watched Coco the relief yeah yeah I haven't seen it his little guitar and look like more ornate trailing the Hispanic with the guitars and the living. So he took disturb me is like the crayons or who worked with. And really when there. So yeah it is yeah. He was caged you as a guitarist yeah. And then I forgot the day this hour in the playgrounds. And because Alabama yes so I did my daughters like I'm gonna draw some stuff and she pulls up the shark you know this kind of asked permission. Outweigh you've posted pictures on insert Graham of your face that was not sharp be race. That was actually make up on your base my Internet is that connects on the net and NE TT he cabinet NET un know that was mascara. Well I expect a lot. Hello my outlook on your interface and sharply once it was a my daughter did ask as she was drawing on her Barbie dream house PSI and that she guys. Does it come our skin. There really long time you knew he's got a lot of that time that actually OK so you know watching her but meanwhile under the act whatever and you watching Baywatch you know don't hit the boards standing there. And so I left and came back to check conceive the walls have been drawn and they hadn't been. They're so good I think analytic and kids isn't that she had a job now I'm just the long wave getting to the street where she drill. The media black out okay but I'm pretty certain images and a big topic of Internet but I spent I am pretty sure she drew Arab penis. Or. She net zero porn once when she was like 54 or five she got the word yell and yeah. Good and she thought she was spelling I don't know what she said did and edgy she's how she's had this dry erase board. And she would you know right turning on and simply that it was your very Catholic mother and yes oh yes. Overreact and so everybody orange somewhere in GE's well no I don't think I don't think Stevie and I called her. I think that lake because when one of us I don't remember whose side first a 11 of us that we were like hey coming here and look at this. And so are we wet and she was like and then she said a word and then pointed to and we were like. Keenly. All hung ending. The she it'll. Meyer and desire but yeah. I think oh my son you know mom the other day what do. Among friends and I was like are your kids really CNET designed in Iran I've and that I said I mean he's such good reader you know just might just get beat at all and yes his. Of course they didn't read our. No no really they legit cannot be. Like you're being silly and illegally give me how to make kids I guess. Which evolved mind cannot teach she rang and it. The unwritten no no they they don't really did get. You have to your kids we are they five going on six are far by and five what I think I've been things got going I think there's any new yeah it's a kindergarten. Starting sorted out there in espionage kindergarten program too so they. Are learning to read in C. Eight let's get the her. Happy. And all yeah. Madonna's volunteering at the school and some parents speaks to an inch right now how they speak and so the parents of comeuppance pocket and it. Let them. Backbeat. Why not do. I still mean there are a lot of moms like me who don't speak another language in bracelet got kids at some of that yeah and then there are some parents who I think really the that the goal is that your kid has to speak English maybe the parents still greatness of the parents of our country okay beat. Justine as well okay some parents beat her three languages like shocks and that. Yeah rate Blake Miette way to show off and make me look stupid all of us were the ladies and not doesn't stop you usually works like Justin their marketing department for the school yeah three languages. Is she from America. Well good question you know talent because she didn't say something about America or people in the gentler one lingers but yeah. I'm not even that good at English so I. I was talking to these fresh people on my radar today and they are saying that starting very young that you have to learn to Lang to other languages aside from the language that you know. Like that's the standard in Europe. That's crazy. Does this also close together so you know I hop on a bus and they like to commend dubbed. And we'll surely it's spent and that and Canadian what it is because there. Sometimes French and I guess I don't ever got exits. Yeah up. Yeah though some of mostly it's English or sometimes it's French patent applicants three bank did teach American Venus guy looks like so I'm winning I mean I'd say so and you know she didn't see you at the beach last year we would she was giant ends for her first name behind and it. She started to dry the end and didn't like Jay and then what really big with the second loop yes so so still it definitely looks like to sit. Face it not even thinking that's and it looked like I just his pregnant but he never like on. I you know these. It's now it's fine Latino it's Blake the part of the body that's what I would say she's good if you really get it late. Soon do is sculptures of the human form. My daughter signed up for the until our. It needs one or I mean I would try to draw the human form I drug Dicks all day. Kind of like the army did not literally walk in here and turn this microphone by engine that out to show you that it looks like your penis and just the kinds call that noncitizens bunnies. I like us GAAP. I don't really have very much going on you know my kids there at the end burn now I am not ME one I've been there is trying to open. Fix my house and I was so excited because I paint in my kitchen I you do yeah. I'll never do that should again. That was not fall so pay it before like I painted rooms at my house before and it's many easy visionaries like edge and then lay knew the roller or whatever. But did you kitchen cabinet. So like you edgier under those cabinet and all of this side of the cab its yellow cab that's for sure I got the cabinet who I. And then like one of my cat's leg walk I am leg rubbed on the wall because he's like you know while and then like he sat down so now I have a spot on my base board where there's like feathered blue paint all over the white based board. Because we'll make him revving up the wallet than sitting. I'm gonna leave it down to that thank you this we memory. You do you really accused not sure that's what I'm EV ketchup smeared on my hand cabinet. This is read here yeah it's not a leaving. It's good memory and so anyway I did that mag rally this like really cheap B white rug or whatever and I'm some blue pillow. So that I can because I was watching HDTV Muni like. Hints of flake accessorize the colors and stuff so you have a hint of blue they get the wall in the kitchen or blue you can bring the blue into the living room back angler accessories. I did that with some pillows and so when client that he came home from Stevie Carly goes and. There all the time and so so I. Yeah I feel Blake in there really excited about the new decorated house and the cats are Siebert said because they haven't even Pete O'Malley right get. It's like saying now and boyfriend Hugh in front of the rug boyfriend. It should be just don't blink back yeah so boyfriend appeared in front of the rug. But not on net that was very fast and it was very he's a really good boyfriend. Make fun of you and you trashy house because you're like I death paint all over the kitchen is random places unhappiness fat cat. Confers all trapped in the middle. I'm very cheap Rhonda. Is from Wal-Mart and it and a live look I think he should follow will leave Omar on instinct and do you follow and know. But whoa wait Wal-Mart is really good and I seem to get paid from a sudden nobody really cute things the incredible power play so well let me get ice and they're getting it we're not getting big the next great. Well wait won't RA WH. Ballot age that's price quote an edit that out and I spoke. But looking at but it's your. Skin and can. And we. Lola is WOK. Age now the big dubbed. But I think Debbie H ha hey hey wait to be they anti aha. Well we are yet right you're right about that yeah. Just. Any get I think it's just like as still silverlight does really good yeah it does look really get okay Chris. Sure upright now have used that pick up I did a couple of years ago when I first came out and it wasn't really good but now I can't accept a Metairie where you can and three go belly diuretics and they set up the I don't know that you have it's still us. Each if I don't live close to one like that I mean I live I guess I live close with a lot of loyal about her and Williams are going more than needs com many see you order your groceries and it was a good to see what I want and like I can see coming happens is we had nothing bad nothing battled back it's great in the keys pull out its. Unlocked the car they'd open the back of the car can put on the verge isn't your guy. I'm I say it's amazing I. Want exclusive my house owner should really give us free gift cards are. They love and all this right now whenever target target target also vote yes. Yeah we low. Of target elements it's this kind of delighted to green paint that's not true I've had like three friends come up and be like oh my god you and an adamant that are. Yeah. Pac man's. Secret yeah RE now. And oh no I haven't got Easter pets in our politics I've got six bottles of champagne opener that's good you've had enough it's just from me that's just 90. What you're buying your brain you bring your own champagne yet. That's who really thought Paul can you drink a lot I know I drinks too much he can't expect somebody to have enough news to me they're bloody Mary Nardelli. Nothing else that I don't like goes yeah. Mad is that you all do everything so early because when you told me what time this thing was do you. Thing. Send your kids to sleep at 10 o'clock you know for a fact Khloe is still sleeping at 10 o'clock hurt kids go to school elect time. Clearly goes to school for 845 and Matty goes for like 750 and the beastly beat at 10 o'clock on Saturday yeah well Matt Matty because she's up on our filing you know talking our friends but Chloe and will not roll out of bed till like 1130 it's amazing. I routine and anywhere in the morning wanna kiss you know to bring that either school clearly it was a different preschool. So every morning Matty gets dressed and ready for school I turn on some pants and a sweatshirt. And then I've got to take clearly pick her up a rapper and a blanket and Schaub who wonder her face her winning the clues like. And I reopened. Showed wave the blue wonder her face and then carry her to the car setup in the car seat buckled her in and then put Ku played in between her face and the car seats. And then Draper a blanket over her so that she keen stay sleeping in the car and I don't do it that way that is like. Well I want to be taking to work like that I know. So then she stays asleep the entire time I drop Manning up and then the entire ride back home and then I get Arap and then I have to. Picker up out of the car carry her own house we still and then later on the soap and gently wake her up. You look at the I guess yeah. OC yell at you because I didn't know she'll yell at me she definitely hear my children yelling at me yes I know she will. She will be Blake awful about a wake her up bright she's not really although the rest of the day she's history. Week so my daughter is very mean girls pregnant and not. She's very Boston itself see ligament and I will come in and I bet very often right out I don't Tarek is not a hard sleeper I think so no problem you know I don't. So I'll bet if she sleeps too late and she doesn't wake up time in the shower yes she did. I also in the bathroom door and she's like mom. I. Don't think duet and she's like yeah. That puts meat yeah. Just be very good. I sent out come on ensue illiterate I'm not come on this could easily get let me tell it like walk to the bedroom might and then. Yes she isn't she's bossy and mean and today she was a little bit thanks Aaron. I don't know why what we've done to deserve her being benevolent Tuesday it wouldn't be useless and actually cried. You slow to Vienna that. A OC Chloe doesn't even sleep and our own bed that her dad is like now the toy bag. Because this system full of toys and unfolded closed the speech which did they sleep with Mardi Gras toys like curry toys. You know I don't allow those in my bed so perhaps I know it's so gross. And I am sitting here saying Blake I don't I don't allow that in my bed has no I don't have a lot of cats in my bed a little bit. Cat litter free all over everything in the lake oh no those are my recovery there is that they discuss day. Love him so much sometimes I don't like well I'll just say here at least in my cat food residue. That. Terrelle was probably three years old are ready and I know well look I don't florid and Erie near end and until renewed its side because they knew yeah Patrick's day parade throws his. They gonna into the cabbage. Yeah. Where that people either waiting to happen. This is get a couple hundred Canada and a day years to three cast we're like oh man to know Tim I am operate one time. And shell met. And I cooked it. Think that you have a cabbage at and cook shall Matt. I'd cut the cabbage with the onions miss out mentally delicious that you could get. Yes there was a all the plays and let me tell you that would be yeah that will that place in like may be like New Iberia it would taste like oh yeah. He's like crawfish boil legacy digress yes it so. As for the bad moms podcast anyway what do you like nickel here's what else I've learned a big play here this is this game present today. And I know that I don't know one of us should do that because. Tko because that's what is their last sale. Started out guess and you can use those gift cards until April 15 yeah. Yeah thirty days right yes but they like today to babies. 30%. And I was pulled it and that someone and worked in the store the other day that these initial sales of Toys 'R' Us would just be 20%. Yes oh my husband drove by earlier he said there was a line around the bills. The mood in the Toys 'R' Us. The last just as people can't sleep like sleep I write one it's like 40% that's when you go. Also see people took it right now that all the good stuff it's gonna be content. Nobody really it's all crap anyway it's cutting kids don't care about a week anyway by it seems whenever they give it to money anyway I'm not buying it that make up the bank. I was think he'd like nothing good doesn't centimeters around any money right now we get paid no we didn't completely get paid and then I'll have. How they still spend my money and I think you're so I might sound you can ask my chances. When you live on the Internet and TV we're right now. Yeah right let's go out so yeah. Where do an end around LA New Year's Day and Iran now wait you mean if you think you've been informed. How senator Snowe is not according to Ryan yeah. View all. We turn it down.