Bad Moms 11: Incredibles and Leopard Print Caskets

Monday, June 25th

How kids ruin the kid movies you want to watch. What the heck with having to pick your movie seats in advance? And which bad mom wants leopard print lining in her casket?

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God it is so much we're trying to figure out all of these buttons. We'll have left. Out well get to see back. Podcast I AMT cotton diamond and nets and learn and now and the next going to lead balloon. Wait yet because you're on magic won a one point nine and I'm on B many sevens and we should save that so like people can now where they can listen he all the time. I'll cell lung and blood to apologize to all of them say hands yeah because it's fun dad picked up. I mean all the emails they've done in the social media exclusion of and then yeah it's crazy and that is always so maybe she's not she's Lisovicz and anything to blame nobody says anything except for the people who are gonna be just like just now I know. A couple people who are like hey what's up with a podcast I really love the bad mouth yet again. But at camp I think if you couldn't. The so what's gotten I don't even now I mean. Let my kids see the incredible scene last night. OK okay yes. I don't see how was it no idea because my daughter Mimi leave after about ten minutes she hates movies I. Remember that when she says I want to go let it go on and got home on her. Oh yeah hash she doesn't know he did say that because I was asking you last week if you're gonna take them. And you are like I don't know because my daughter hates movies. She's scared of Albany is because gambling you know plot lines and stuff yeah and there are allowed in the movie theater usually don't watch at home and on TV yeah and a scary and so she and her bedroom. But these and everything in essence what happens when you get scared as you well. Yeah I snuggle with you saw Michael score. Craig yeah I think she's a mean incision and like it's not up yet. And then instead of settling liar she just ate popcorn and a little pop the gun just like I'm always useful as it upgrades never got these are not yet. This is the puck was not dozen or more art which is what you would normally do that is they're getting it. RT Jones of as many of the situation. Add AB CS just let it go can we just go all alone just feeling don's office getting you Kennedy whenever nightly exactly the husband and a son's name so we had to go back and then Donna alone. That's where Steve you know that's like when I went to go see. Whenever I go to do it didn't see my mom made. This note the moving. It was the new movie my mom may we don't see in the movie theaters with Mattie my nephews and Khloe and Chloe was not. She was and she was still like potty training aid that was trying to patty trainer felt that I kept telling them I'm like hey this is the weekend where I am really trying to work on that thank you know how it helped yeah. And some mop like. Why do I do that and why do I let my mom taught me that stuff. And I know that's a question via air as this is really bringing up some real issues. I need to talk there about this because not man. And I my therapist yeah because I'm starting to really get angry at the fact that I believed her when she said it right and I got. Aren't in the middle of the movie. And then I had to get that you believe you knew it would not be funny I. Said yeah I still wet shouted to the words bat on the ball your mom play. Dad she's like explanation I know I know. We really do live in her shadow I mean there should be like statues of the you know you know for tributes to her. They would now be dressed in leopard print. The average same challenges that she knew. She gets buried she wants to me at all leopard print in a leopard print casket personal of course she would let did you guys you guys wouldn't need anybody inning against the Al. House and a cat he wouldn't be leopard can't write she won the entire thing leopard print and yeah when we weren't when we were burying my aunt and we were at the funeral home. And you know they take you to the runway show you all the cast did yeah. She was like I think insights to happen to be leopard print. Well for not like you're so gross. Barnes beat my I don't know. I don't know probably like peanut spread out. Yeah but no I was getting totally getting not a not proud like blue like blue. I'm like son plays printout of John in the air. Oh yeah asking and it has John Mayer music playing and yeah exactly it might gasket at trinity yeah. That would be that sounds awful because I really don't like John Mayer music that much by accident you know that's cool free yield would I would have liked Leonard Cohen playing for all of eternity while your debt so we have opened here's a here's and that's fine. I don't exactly yeah I. I would just have like when using the other day infinite sadness yes it is sad that. It made out. Think that I that was a good parenting comeback last night so I. What a 130 dollars all of his alleged dinner and had a mini. Oh my god help adjust and credibility are trying to love you check your kids to dinner and a movie and that the Williams and it's an enemy. Well I never do that popcorn and address that she heated. Yes my kids get one or the other and usually that dinner might be like fast food well I thought she bay hill at the end of here and be like okay I'm not going to let you guys enjoy yourself so yeah people like Libby is unbeaten the other yeah yeah. That's crazy and I hasn't actually sent much incredible slick can imagine my husband all. I don't do they have lit later teapot what's up with you bet that if I was like what is I'm still haven't seen it. And now eighty said he was gonna take barrels this weekend and he invited me along but I mean I don't know I don't waxing employment and knowledge stuff. He wouldn't do it anyway I kind of down my legs feel like. Well and then just go by myself busy. Seemed theater and you say what do I ended up there like. You aren't really here I'm not. The setup of the top I don't look my deeds. Let's look at right next though I. Does your seat thing by the way where I don't go to the main issue Nancy when you go to an album. They have reserved seating it clearly you. And a bottle and I forget about it so my friend who was voted for her can't blood cultures and white kind of disease illegal ready and so is it only that could not never really all over the place negative disease that threatening. Yes like you can say it ain't like airplane. Yeah. I don't quite yet you look easy yes. You airplane like you're sitting in a row that yes forty to the scene and easy or eat what's weird about that is when you book you see you may be you know ladies this BC did right yes it is a Big Ten or might not Longo and ideally get started from the sun son and that son was twelve or whenever. And the people sit out just sat down like a sorry Al you're in our seats body a chance against you guys are really excuse that he doesn't see. And isn't a phenomenal airplane southwest let's just take easy. It's. Electric I think you might and then you gotta get up with a all of your baggage and little bit I thought I talked to my beverage about the not really like it I think greatly and really it like in all sold out in dance now legal. This is why I don't wanna go to the movie theater I mean I didn't wanna go to the theater before all of our Jill broken hires Dick who did that for me. We need to sign that crime Elwood is is it a crime I don't know how may I MT and I would very. Still vet and I had a let me tell you something good about me I. Don't like stuff like that I have gotten plenty of operators to steal things and I'm like no. That's a crime and they have commercials on the TV about it who's often let peace deal anymore but I used to like my Brothers she cared is my Brothers shady characters I always like yeah we need to do is we need to add on my aunt. The UN us decrypt. Nevermind I can't tell it. That to us should get a little lately is secret real Clinton that now. Okay now so I got I don't dessert when I know we can do we can get it begins saying it's so great so I got an offered to by Elie defeat breaks and OK I hate. Because my a real break tag was expired. So I gotta go get a new one right. I should've anyway it was there's something wrong with the car or whatever. This is for people where it is there is something out of the cart path for people who are just too lazy to go get it and bring didn't like I got. Or people who just like what a spit on the system you know. Oh I got an offer and I actually purchased this seven dollars there's on thing. Janet like twelve but what. The sever the one LS RW's that's like 24 but he does have a point. So I lake I body hit the big break tag cars and that but then Blake you know there's that part of me where I'm like I can't steal I can't do anything round so I just threw my glove box never looked at it again and because it scared me. So do you have a break tag on your car I ended up getting a ticket and then must come and then meeting they want when you get the ticket bow hill now. I've heard that like what I whenever I do something rot I have this huge fear that I'm going to get caught so they're you know or if I again I just don't letting it expire was doing something I would think but that's not an amount that's like a normal. That's normal round but I feel like if I do something illegal I'm definitely gonna get caught at play that time. We you know when I got stone when I was younger. And how they. And you're actually did a gadget little bugged. Bite but why would that even really not the one time did not only time. I okay now Larry at a time after that was like always involved with eight. Three and then a panic attack and then it just blows everything. It's awful so and we didn't want his. About my kids now I'm trying to think Lleyton is the bat out of podcast I guess they're just part of our kids at some point. I mean you deal. It. First of all I'm trying to learn how to discipline because my daughter is straight up just mean ray yeah I don't know how to discipline and I. That's not gonna work is birdies started I given a marking Indian Tories and I'll run. I'm the answer right back today. Just OK so there is some antics are schedules a little bit late yeah. And so might my husband leaves before he's got to get to work can come into this final you know I'll have to heart kept trying to get in school yes. Evidence trying to keep roughly the same schedule I got into work yeah. So every day she's like stalls it yesterday for example. I go god I don't greatly not gonna be the latest incumbent president Kiev today and she doesn't. Oh I'll change that actually called it and then started like we do runners up receive like. Let me read my lines all but no I got. Yeah she did some burgers that works night except get in like fifteen minutes but morally I guess I let's get well yeah. Well it's a late today they gotten some belated birthday presents remains hazy hot and ISI sent guys. Hasn't been in the cars once were in the car and buckled on the way you can open the presence opens up. And my doctors don't like. In a minute this just do it like oh my god the cells that we did was 729. Arab doing in the car. The drive and you don't I just the way I have presents every day is the solution because obvious. You have to find a way well you know what my therapist Ollie says. Because I thought well you crazy should be dressed in our. You so her thing was. Always casino magnate Mehdi doesn't like eating OK and and so Matty is a control freak like she loves to have control over situations like playing an art and drawing an olive steps out if she does something in a group she usually likes to be the leader and and so there are times where even she will try to like if I'm talking to her and Khloe she will like that kind of stepped in front and then you know like. I don't like. Here are. Along its knives and knowing kind of so okay yeah I wanna be wanna dress size and I'm literally duke so he's better than you want that's true she really isn't that she really as she's much gently. Is so you know she's got like a big personality so my therapist Ali said. Take them take power away from you and put it into something else that lake should that. You can't say no to OK so when a tiny car. So this always works for bed time bath time all of except you take it. You take the power away premium doughnut I'll kind of sent the set and you can't like argue with an inanimate object. And then you stick to enabled well yes she will bit my stick to it. That's our yeah see like you got it you know get her out of the tub our getter whatever or keep yet her screaming and the car. And like every day but. Now timer. Okay sending resolved and go back to the presence in the money down and you've got probably got some good. As it. Awesome mom because last night both children blitz broccoli in their mouth. They even. Yes I'll say yes it was consumed. Dirt trees and abruptly and systems currently I know that six. Minute so wait your son didn't like it. Obviously he. Access onto the identity he's seen about probably drank about grief yet I probably didn't like and I doubt the best army broccoli cream just that is disgusting so yeah. We added that it does not only is she actually address on the side of broccoli. And we're not dating Kelly golden but apparently it's gonna be the best tasting broccoli Abner rake it or not they are now on I'll lose my health crazy stuff. Aren't enough calories and many Harare there they named it late to just be selling broccoli and the kids were like below and doesn't try to catch up you know. Kids taste any eat ketchup that's fine states. Tap into things and of course WG let me trust me on SL just it's catch data you can say look atoll roughly yeah they did it just kind of like one of each other like so that's actually that's bad guy. Well that's my daughter. She she wanted to try and didn't like it was like watching me and said she could put little pieces in about the need he had a look at me I eat a whole lot and she's just trying to say look I'm better than you act yes she's an actress and. Oh close Dylan had to tell though I think it's CH bid the age where they get competitive. Because Khloe is doing that now where it's so first she started making up stories so anytime someone had some and that they were talking about than she not have to like yeah and my friend. If the Fed. And got a bunch of criminal unless you know about it and Elizabeth. And Elizabeth front. OK and so. Like social you know her friend Elizabeth helps her one up whatever so Stevie sister when they like talk to me she's like well I don't know you know what to believe in I don't know late and I might add probably wish you guys didn't have been made because you have a lot like she just lies so of course like when we got the pediatrician for their well being that the score for is well within three years. The. I just kind of assurance that we haven't scheduled just the other day yeah. And the problem was can't I couldn't possibly do to keep their he'll chat and so. Barking when it happened mother of the field should not your thing is that children that's not my problem when I don't back off of the camp nobody would be there well. NASA Dryden and then doctor can't see again telling ball gets to act buying. All these kids nor did not exist every. Street anyway you're like it was a doctor yes so she's the doctor and so the doctors tell. Does that I've been on the Iannetta hits in that he's got to pay attention because she's got to know what's going on Oakley you know so they. You know and yes she is saying you know she's like sitting there like OK great so you know. And what was 981 C blood sugar just hacked so what is my blood pressure tolerate I'm good luck now let's check out Chloe eclipse he would clearly Zurich. So of course like the doctors say and you don't show make up stories and Matty is in LAQ she does that all the time. Yeah. I'm not. Think she does all the it. So you know many is I guess she should be making up stories Bubba Bubba winehouse like OK so. When he's making up stories is this normally like slowly app perfectly normal but like okay. Does that like. You know when I was little my my recent addition to little I can just a little lighter you know so I grew up thinking like yeah I'm a little liar you know. And so I wanna be like hey you're little liar. Everything is up about his son he's you know to be their best. I've already got a web part. No so by now are you aligned. No I am a little I. Should know until daddy but what was that she said so I'll I had a correct nanny the nanny did call her a liar. One day and I like Kate Lindsay she's lying or are a liar OK we're just gonna be like. Oh Chloe that's an interesting story that I've met a parent not just dole on the part of and you know wouldn't that be fun we can really do that yeah. Or like say oh my gash wouldn't this be so much fun to write down. And you know we're actually shot you're right there yeah you know what actually stopped wit. She actually stopped all of the the big stories like nonstop. When I said you so creative we shouldn't write these down you can have like a little book now let's hope she tells. Weightless stories now. You totally. Know what it. You gonna do a lot of those steelworker sequestered and go home I have no yeah yeah. Should do that thank you for mentioning that we should still some gadget that it's not the blank papers I didn't steal arena copying a group I don't don't catering. It's obvious yet just which obviously just like couple papers at a. You could concede that. Yeah I didn't shot shank it you remember relationship he. Dropped a lot of his blazing just just the paper and yeah. Don't just drop I don't venture want gig. My can be like. I'm such that I know what about a yeah oh my god he did totally get away related Kabul be the papers and high liners but I'm gonna give louima. And my secrets about permanent seat is Beilein Ainsley stated as easy that's my son doesn't look like it to six and said they're also you know tells stories. And he'll say something and it's usually kind of ridiculous certain it sometimes gets up he wants gap that I like you don't really want that has our we're not getting that leaves it up and I was just getting. The day here it is. But I had Judeo. I read it. From OK government for women with them back but they're not here like you are not around a little. I know are. I had a friend was telling a friend that likes CB and I. Changed the days that the girls go to his ouster in the middle of the week Tony Allen and net instead of when they announced Monday. And so on my friend was like great and now your gonna be all depressed. Because you don't even have them on the weekend as a then that extra decade. On Monday cells in Canada ice boat it is it's a long weekend no it is a very long weekend it is but then by the time like you know. Monday rolls around it's like she's just as palaces showed little link could look. At my aunt had a pretty today's. They went to play my aunt has a summer camp this year and and so my mom had him for two days that they can go to the zoo trip this summer camp when you've been doing in Italy a wonderful time. Well I can't tell you about Thursday night but last night act and we know last night was Thursday that can't take about Wednesday night but last night I watched game of the rounds. Back to back to back to back her loan yet it's and I enjoy shows really great. It's so nice and quiet and then I went to head. Go on yeah. And then I went to sleep and I was sleeping and I had Amy and nobody paying men that nobody keeps me nothing. And then I woke up and chat until the sun was shining in my room and there was no when there. Nobody yelled at eighteen mile mountain I mean the dogs came out the guy came up and was like from the you know but I was at and the cats or start to walk on because they wanted to eat but I was. I'm not kidding me have to strategize every morning my husband and I how we got my daughter because she's so mean. But yeah okay why don't we try and fix the teller if we get if she gets so just first then she wants shell and then she had candy. Jack cook but I got you I I don't know Stevie. Would always make fun of me for how insane Iowa as what about waking the kids that played ever since they were little. Bin insane about no. Me. Body up like in a Latin way it has CB it gentle rising so that they have a good day and thank you can't use your voice at all. Boy yeah that's fine with me like. Well I don't like talking in the morning anyway I'd like my mornings are very quiet at home. Blake yeah it's crazy I I don't like snow is knowledge TV's not so BC you wanted to have be gently Alderman and checking in her. So usually I will lean down really you blow on them and then like was rainy and like become. Like with a rub you know I come when he kept her inside and out I called the impression even if they. So called let me set in the morning some likely cancel my name and get mad get slapped kiss on her plate away because I do like. See that they yet she doesn't do it Blake she doesn't do the whole gentle thing anymore so it's like now like slapper and now they're like come. Not a big east but public hot and I'm like C yes yes and she's like. I aired but then she'd like once she gets out she is hot she is like in the spring chicken in the morning Khloe is kind of like yeah. Yeah yes she doesn't like morning's. That's my daughter is like me because I like leave me alone leave yeah I'll go back to sleep a 150 times where's my son and husband he just gets and a guess. Okay Obama yes that is like undressed but probable god they're tired are times when she stalls. And but it's not because she's not actually vicious because she's legitimately like looking at her phone or just. Yeah I realized I don't like either version of those kids I got it gets up early because sometimes I was sleeping and yeah companies like take that I get some breakfast. Yeah it out. Like Monday's deal hey did. You don't have a net flicks yeah which he does just about autism and I'm like what like not. And he's been watching Netflix like three hours. And then some but my daughter sometimes I love that because she'll sleep really lately and I just know what check luggage left. I appreciate that she'll sleep and yet that what I wanted to wake up she's just a nightmare so I don't like either version of my children just issue sleep 'til like noon police sleeps on them no doubt of that now and I would reject performs CPR on her she was gonna do. Let's put Philly is that they sleep under Nolan probably nine. A say that is that's. Years. It sleeps till eleven there are you learn event like one man. Little she isn't sure if she does about at 930 okay. If I don't wake her up she wakes up for about eleven if I put to bed if she goes to bed with me like it where if it's a Friday night because Brad is I do letters they a blatant. Blake however long I'm not then. Chills still sleep 'til like noon but for the most part she sleeps so about 111130 no matter what time. Yeah she's like me a piece I did have to be honest with the doctor Gideon and not so let me just gonna go like. And the payments until might hear about this can I know that mom for about two nines I'm that type tonight. Buying it and really get. A nice guy and sometimes yeah. Chloe spent time used to be 10 o'clock and told her teacher told us that she wasn't functioning I don't feel. I can't. Plus yeah. Walk every leg look I think that we're really gonna have to put our foot down in May close or go to bed earlier Adam Blake yet genius bring her home earlier then. Matthew and is currently the. But yes yes yes I'm not a husband and bull now they hit it helpfully. He does everything I can't but so he'll be like 8 o'clock go. So that it would bet that exhibited bad feeling about seven easily back on that kind of like yeah just losing her much shows Obama public's right to. I don't have time to do that do it if it's important to cook. I'm not doing any meaning he's been cooking dinner and Milan Italy fine. Should content and then by 8 o'clock hasn't given the given event has given that that meat lobby so I mean I wanna go to sleep some it was I think outlined some of my arm back in the news yes. Now we moved club is back timeout from. Ten to 930. And that made a huge difference and it's. Eight. Yeah okay I mean like bloody and you know we thought. I. Had a crawled help you Kirk got he'd ever say OK. I'm kidding but not really my dad did it. Speaking of barrel yeah. Me tell you about those teams in the had a rock they love sharing messed up with their friends we how do you. I'm not telling not your daughter though she and and I now know she's not she's eighteen she's just kids don't. Oh gosh is just changed very well she's very tough now but I'm telling you. The teens get having girl because they have maybe each. Position. They willed. Can they give me some how be very helpful. To that that's. Not and I would not there which to me instead I. I say let me be clear. Don't like delivery guarantee. Like six months since we did that and I debut on and I think we just like she was like going don't want to. I just west of them. They did get video and listen maybe you like the way we're parenting. There and Iran. Your clubs yet not perfect condition where god and that is yet. Iowa they want to say we've actually will go back to the first run and my music I listen first one and only we nearly everything it was the second.