Bad Moms 10: Kids Birthday Parties and Mom Underwear

Tuesday, April 17th

Tpot's annoying voice. Kid birthday parties - do kids plan their own? Bossy kids. Flakey moms. And comfy underwear are coming back (yay!) and way too much info about our underwear.

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To move. Them what do you mean how is that none. I guess we can be I mean yeah you're sorry I can't really bad people yeah. I don't know what I was thinking because we and we just finished figure out all this audio staff we have it tech problem that she Dassault honor and I. And I felt that can jump. Larry I am so yeah quit about mom's on the net and I'm T track going and that's they way you know the woman next on the next and he had seven gorgeous I don't magically only. And I'm teapot Jesse cut from B 97 did you Amy thank you give myself thank Helen. It's sad to get a life get you should get your somebody might have only know what your voice market. Yeah they get up. I know they really did and they do not care about telling you never know like she's in an idea yet you yet I know Illinois in person every time a one time I was standing outside the strip club. On you know like moms do these. Yeah you know around the corner pocket and yeah. I'm sitting up I knew her pocket and a good ms. duke comes out and you play bubble was talking to my friend that he would like all the people. Yeah I think eighth at those like hey thank you and I don't know what to do just go okay. You know he did you run Mac and I doubt Knight didn't I don't know I never have happened. Well you know not everybody can have a set of golden soft Friday except GMAC has been he's always a lot of. But the nagging lady you're absolutely you know why is Stevie would we were married he's not my husband anymore but would we weren't married if he. Oh really yeah she says that was abrasive. Yeah everything about you that's true yeah yep. He just said that I was playing superb raised as bad a near when he was yeah. I think well thank you pick. As I wonder are there any red flagged the race no clothing. You know like in their BI discovered that there were planning a little lane that both of us ignored but I'm glad I mean crazy kids in the low though I know array. Lord crazy kids suffering Brent PD as the after Hurricane Katrina yeah. So well yes really AME. You know good for you. Isn't the mother's milk yeah yeah yeah yeah. So I'm just something match and depressing yeah. Oh really can't go on I'd like to get a good I think we're going and he gets a little different city. Not quite sure how little lax today. I was having this conversation with clarity and so I was just thinking the other day house you're born you're yes she's four she's gonna be five next month. Asking me about her birthday party and I have not done an occasion so be earned their real milk or hurting them. We know. We haven't even had a birthday party for Matty who's ten and she turned ten in December so no I just feel really guilty and leg. Like almost like I'm avoiding it claiming Khloe is part because I didn't give many wine yet what exactly he's still quite an idea that are pretty. Reformers like. We move our party but. The cops would look at a everything isn't so easy you know this stuff going I'm pretty dealing the next weekend. I don't know that he's so busy how pets I'm an easy what's good date for next weekend Muncie. The twenty ending for live when he first. There's some. Knowing I'm not something that we can bring you for having fun excellent cook political threat noting that with your babies who now hold on let me look at my calendar really is. Booze and do not understand how important birthday party has to these kids maybe not in general but your four year old yeah I don't know of sport I know a way I have to judge to dog parade. I'm may eighth at. Eight can't NN Saturday is speedy son's birthday party. Yeah. Obviously you're missing. This thing only kids can't make their birthday party happened. No listen my kids are playing an ever dates of their birthdays in June -- and they been believes accidentally leave me wanna know exactly how long until it is. Only two months until like two days only twenty months or these things and I'm trying to explain in five seconds I you've ever seen you just show them charts of the moon. How hot it will certainly help and I just like forget. Yeah yeah. So Madonna got access last night was sent an imitation as we got a friend's birthday party imitation yeah. And now she's like what about our organizations as well as better but the place first and you did you tell me what fifteen is getting beat down your kids change their themes on the I was up. Managers like. No she's even got seems like you couldn't do it gets nice and bright even these invitations each club and it's blankley thank you know current average match range. Happy birthday. Marion and usually. She's out there and just it's still a month. And she's like I'm bringing fiscal and I'm like well you know that doesn't actually all the information. She's like you. There and hasn't liked what the parties are fun you booked tomorrow and I believe he's the next day long what she's wearing is very Fuzzy about it yes so I'm trying to light. Teacher not me bossy but also I'm like OK fine. Have not yet you're like okay fine here you want to ice cream the fact that the the CIC. Khalili is allowing me where you know I'm just a blatant and because the other night we were in the car. When she was talking to me about her birthday party and she's like mom. When is my birthday Hannah said it's a little over a month away and she does OK where. Is my party get beat and I said I don't know where do you want your party to me just I didn't I'm gonna think about it I think you have. Did you just I want a birthday party I Sydney I know you want a birthday part I should I keep telling you can't happen in nanny what do I know race I said look clearly just let me know and will played and she is yeah. And it. And then she's sat there for a little while our driving it's just we're kind of planning. And I was like yeah. We're gonna play your birthday parties and the message board where do you think you want your birthday party they beat and she is we've got a player that. She this is four year old translation for Aaron you've set it at got in writing and I witnessing this but yet I also think she's being like it I. I don't know is this like normal four year old because Matty. Since she was Terry I'm not kidding. Has planned her own birthday parties but it looks O Blake. I think this is the problem you know Blake she's always planned it and I was just able to book a place and this is the problem here now she doesn't want to put your party. So not got to do stuff I've got to clean my house I had pain. I had a late campaign you know Philip hole in the wall again only tales are looking at the home. I know but you know I've got to clean that can't be out of the fireplace yeah. Oh geez that looks so yeah. I don't know why she's still had its baby and I don't know what she's doing and I think boyfriend is now doing it is he's gotten dirty play and they can't. Yeah is his back his dirty and I think he's also going in the prior place unlike now should not want her friends don't do your home. You heard is he pins. You look. Into. You're sitting in the coming year we got child services at the front door next mother and look at oh my god you know why. This is all off the top. But she said child services which is cool I. We've been therapy the other day go go and I was talking to my therapist about lake all the clutter in my house and how lake I feel suffocated when I'm in there you know. Hey give them like no my guess is it's just so much it's so much. Again that's what I said and then when I leave the house this is why is an ax to some like I have and other pills some like oh god and then when I leave the house. Blake I literally thought. What happens if my house catches on fire and then the fire department and the police have to come here and they're like looking at this yeah. Applicable bush. She's like. Really. You think it. That's good. Yeah. Really you know it's it's almost like if that car accident dirty underwear scenario. You know did your mom ever do that. Yeah but it was always holy underwear because ingenuity duty. If you're like an accident maybe like when you pass out your did you hear any rate did you think as a president her out that's true. Don't let my teacher I think so yes so like I mean you know Texans really bad news story about the night away. Which I'm really yet notion that she was wholly unheard literally holding. Not a land grab animals in them. Mean yeah ED UK yeah. Okay now early holes where appropriate. To a yes I don't actually is Manny and yeah my underwear worn out and a hundred years old. He. Called lazy numbers that match. Did you hear comfortable hey these are coming back bone scan done I'm seeming history such trends you know a masters student and aren't instead ramp. Didn't the couple so I follow all of these different. Lingerie company and one is lonely lingerie. And they're very body positive. Company. And why so lonely and yeah I wonder why it's lonely night hearing anyway you're saying my positive you can went on three just for you you don't have to where somebody else's. Yeah yeah. And so like it's women like you see stretch marks there's no air brushing or any of that they come in a range of different sizes and all kinds of stuff so and and body types it's amazing like they're just not a bunch of like skinny bitches and they're like regular looking went home. I am sure there skinny people out there are nice. Yeah right even lately he's been the yeah I mean I'm probably not get a taste of what did you skinny here automatically match now getting that's average OK okay. On the play you so but a positive lingerie and so now all of the underwear these days are getting comfortable. As opposed to you know having strings of about her right now I bet you might let Mac anywhere probably go and I'll hire them always been an assurance. No just under educated. Well semi PDs today. Go policy and these are my high waisted pants which pinning them wearing the Fontana for the the move back to my stomach NM yeah. Second seed which we're OK okay yeah have veteran big have to wrap around is that I don't look these in my past go pay any season I didn't pay any snow yet thinking entity yeah. They're not fancy boy short as it was telling Sam's Club again. I don't think Wal-Mart Penney's that they're Fruit of the Loom I'm just not Wal-Mart and irradiated and I'll let her get it like a month ago yeah. And never signed by an anywhere like 400 years it's nice right wolf those like them. Well loses gonna elect it's like seven dollars for like 25 pairs I. Do you all of those by any single hair for fifteen dollar yeah. I think I'm getting old friend victorious currently sitting out any older yeah. Hot I know right pay. Make sure you straight to your intro uneasiness you be horrified by yourself like you know what she said he could do oh my god yeah because I've only waited for the semi annual sales and for those five times for twenty. Yes and I mean the daily. Yeah and that I I have two colors a bronze. Nude color and black. Minor grey and black OK Hank. Doesn't make two dollars and nothing else there's no good read at number I'm yet I don't remember how long does that at one point I know I had a red bra like just useless in my life now. I thought I read brought his this student. And I'm gonna have. He said he liked red stuff yeah what did you know I'm just no dude this is due. Anything you like to read sub violate grab red bra and panties wet was just like reason. Telling you when it by. Magenta and then this is my vagina business outlook and the giants up again. If it hurts that's that's not that I ask. And you it's inappropriate to anyway but let's not look where that bombs but it. Anyway yeah moms apparently I'm sure the cabinet posts and we've got misplaced sense that we're not the lame. I'm not that my all of my body part usually drunk. Work but OK. How tough the you that most yeah and the not a most of the time bring a recording this right Ellen French Quarter best is going on outside and I am blank are with wedeman leaning toward different tournaments because you know. Yeah being light. Jet economic reasons why it's trying to work yes. When you're on the radio. You want people didn't feel it you know what's happening in the community. I eat yet so I have to go get drunk and French Quarter ST. I should've known something was up because you Wear shorts to work today and everybody gave me the weird looks like big as some people imagine they would get down like what's my name is true yeah. You know we're going to regular office like I don't get rid of whatever it is like the regular opposite people wearing suits and stuff yeah. And everyone does feel. It's like would you coming for Jazz Fest like the jazz that's weekends when everyone else is that the suit and you can men in lake tiny shorts you know and it's like yeah. Jazz festival. They used French Quarter best weekend I think I got tomorrow bright. I don't know speedy wants to go so we can take pictures the first social community networking we have we masculine. It is very important there this letter and did some things fingers on the pulse center slash during his. I'm not yet I am but yeah it would be an academic kids at usual time you know. You do have to do that okay let's wrap this up okay it's French court offense and you get out and says social network and and can be plugged into the community probably gotten you know let that navy band suddenly once he'd announce them on stage yeah. Because you have to you have to offer those services this is what we do. Didn't you can't. I'm yet where that moms and remember if you think we donate ground. If you paint the born to parents.