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Monday, April 23rd

The Afternooners interview Ashton Irwin from 5SOS 

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I don't know when asked. How much they were enough Phoenix today. And we're gonna quit show this statement. Great I'm so excited that it's just one of even not that I and shading the other wins but it is so hard to sit up bond look like multiple beat. Oh yeah I thought. Well I'm glad you've got the you've got the I don't know if you've got the best what but you've got me for now. And I think that's the most interesting. Well you know. Maybe at some fields of information that let's see what happens. OK so difference between all of you guys and don't be afraid to be extremely. Complementing to yourself. All it can't. That. It ain't good. Makes us. You know any stink and of people is we are obviously. Individuals are different strengths and different things I appreciate the other guys in the sense that they complement my weaknesses. Whether being in music or. Just a life in general you need girl with a bunch of guys and there remain important to you as as friends and as a kind of mentors everyone deals with things in different ways. You know with the walk of life that we've had. You know I guess for you but came a lot of wisdom from the way they've handled situations in the past graphic handle them as well they have to. If that answers at different we are not sure that yes. Well thanks so you guys have been together for a while. And I think over time you don't people change all kinds of stuff happens you grow you'll learn more. What are some of the things right now that you guys do to get on each other's nerves. I think there's a bigger picture without bail it necessarily get on each other's nerves because there's so much at stake for a you know we. We'll likely have a lot to prove. To ourselves. And as musicians as well we can't honestly we can argue really at a lights out at that time today at who's there. It's just they are busy yes it is yes that we eight people argue that way that we we can't really argue at all. That's boring that's actually great kids you know we think you would embody arguing all the time it has been playing his spots well. So we actually opened up Twitter Amtrak Twitter followers to tweet as some questions for you look and speedy what are some. Iran without went from Gracie she wanted to know. Have you guys ever gonna come back to New Orleans to perform it. Of course we with that they're seven times and bright always loved coming back if it's seems to be like one of the most interesting and exciting now places in America which is. Every everything atomic there are discovering new part of town and have beat him before and obviously has surrounded by a lot of music that I look. So yet definitely will be that. Have you guys ever played like somewhere like secretly like jump onstage somewhere amber urban street in light. Dello some. We we I mean the musicians are located usually we get status it's not to relaxing to just watch related Smith rather than. The target date that date. Group right all right you guys aren't l.'s third album Youngblood. Free cell went on was Sunday correct. Yes it now comes out June 22. Yet coming magic place that it. Yemen very exciting for us at the moment now to leave you know. When you pre order Youngblood the other day you can get can get the song don't blow which is the title track to be out of the and also favours a step. Well as a thumb that I saw what with one of the priest as you can actually get not only an album. On CD but there's also a cassette you can get an hour slots that. Stayed glued ideal is back. We always like to do stuff like that I mean it's just by and then usually the common like something that you expecting like a secret song or something like that except. Yet we keep vital we did that we do you speedy we do every class all of a popular digital kids that don't. Still think physical forms of music obtain. A certain type of memory that you don't get from digital that app. That's awesome that a cassette tape I'd. I'd love that idea so how is album different from other ones. This album has been a challenge to create because we obviously started this band and we're very young kids ambitions. Are are huge you know we. Still wanna play shows for a very long time and and we won our music to appeal appear to you know kind of the different audience every single time round. We ought to be people dead you know it's not just about younger girls or anything like that it strikes. Yes it is it's a bigger picture here for us and you know we're we're constantly challenging what we're capable of. That is that is what. Thirteen songs and I problem which when your favorite. On young life. Yeah young blood or lie to me. And I looked down time as well. Those UT there any apps I've often as there's no collapse at all on the on any of the songs. Well yeah we got. You know if you think about it we go for individual artist in the band. You know I will already kind of collaborated with each other run us and other press it might be brush statement. You know we're still talking about it. The album isn't out yet so we could possibly clever when someone before it's really we're about Carty BC. I don't bet that this is able to do after the. It shouldn't be edges they save species already are definitely. Well what are some of your aside from your own music who who you really loving right now. And. Well at an Iraqi guys would know them ready theme that I'm a massive fan of kids play and datagrams. And the big dance. Into the love they had to ram blackout days is one of my favorite songs. Yet and then. I mean all the obviously. You know like I keep it in Steven definitely really liked today you know we live in LA into. Whoever of my friend is involved now kind of creative endeavors it's vice Versa with them so. Yes I guess that kinda in debt and those artists at the moment. Okay so I'm so excited that angiogram because whenever I've mentioned bit different people are always like hey. That that would be neat but yeah if there ever made it there are so good so so. Act lot of pressure from Twitter stuff from key leaked she wants to know what inspired jobs and named album Youngblood. It it felt like Q this strongest track on her album but also it's likely that the way that some towns. Did it basically summed up you know dead the rest of the regular so get a intuitively we we went with that for the title name of the album. All right well thank you so much passion for talking to us this was amazing. In which he would he would become the New Orleans man yeah it added to see guys thank you thank you.