Weekdays (10AM - 2PM)

Will do anything for a friend
Eats like a bird.. pick pick pick
Really hates to lose.. nobody can beat me at 80's 90's music trivia / air hockey. NOBODY!!
Time is really important to my father which drives me crazy.... He is like to the minute:(
You can find me out around Bourbon St. being bad at least 1x a week:)
Am very afraid of lightning.. Like really bad here in New Orleans (It's insane)
Food is so great here in New Orleans... Favorite place is CRAZY LOBSTER #AD
Puking sounds may be heard coming from my body if I go out the night before.
U really have to be REALLY careful in New Orleans day or night unfortunitly... Not cool!!
Kabobs are great to eat love the ones from Rouses.. #AD!

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