Big Al Mack

Random, lovable and up for anything. Big Al is relatable to both men and women. A born entrepreneur, Al met Kidd years ago when he owned a limo company. Now, he can be seen almost nightly at his bar and during his time off in Mexico. He’s a self-proclaimed playerwith a girlfriend of 2 years…Will... Read More

DJ GreenLight

No we didn't hire Usher, he's just the new kid on the block. He goes by GreenLight but he'll tell you his name is "Lamar like Kendrick". Taking over nights in The Big Easy. The youngest personality in studio but he makes up for it with his go get it attitude. New to the city and newly single you... Read More

Hollywood Hamilton

Sean "Hollywood" Hamilton took his radio career national with the Weekend Top 30 in 1998. Today Hollywood's countown is listened to by approximately 3.5 million people every weekend. Every Sunday morning on B97, he Count’s down the 30 biggest songs of the week while having the biggest celebrities... Read More


J-Si was bor nin Mexico City and raised in southern California. He loves sports, working out, seeing his familia, playing video games, listening to music and being a daddy to his two kids Cason and Khloe. J-Si’s extensive knowledge of celebrity happenings and pop culture make him a go-to guy for... Read More


Will do anything for a friend Eats like a bird.. pick pick pick Really hates to lose.. nobody can beat me at 80's 90's music trivia / air hockey. NOBODY!! Time is really important to my father which drives me crazy.... He is like to the minute:( You can find me out around Bourbon St. being bad at... Read More


A tomboy at heart, Jenna is the fashionista on the show. She can tell you the latest fashion trends and how to show them off. She is known to rock the hottest designer heels…then lace up her cleats to play a game of soccer. Jenna loves new music. Despite being on-air at the crack of dawn, she is... Read More

Kellie Rasberry

Kellie uses a disarming southern style to be the voice of reason. She knows what you are probably thinking and is spirited enough to say it. Gutsy, and opinionated, she’s always spot-on and if you don't love her now...give it just a little time. A single mom, Kellie is known for her addiction to... Read More

Kidd Kraddick

Kidd was the creator and host of Kidd Kraddick In The Morning, the most-listened-to contemporary morning show in America, for more than 20 years. His hand-picked co-hosts, Kellie Rasberry, Big al Mack, J-Si Chavez and Jenna Owens continue his legacy as "The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show." He passed... Read More


Speedy Gonzalez! Yes, that's his name. Ok, Gonzalez is his real name. There is a chance his real first name might be Eddie. Whatever. We call him Speedy! You might remember Speedy from the years he spent at B97 before he spent a couple of years over in "Laffy" (or Lafayette as the rest of us say... Read More

Stevie G

5 Facts About Stevie 1. I'm uncomfortable around people bathing. 2. I once cried in jail. 3. I HATE the sound of a person brushing their teeth. 4. I LOVE the name Abed'nego. 5. I once accidentally hit on a nun (she was in regular clothes). Bio in 140 characters or less: Born and raised in New... Read More


Check out Tpot's BAD MOMS PODCAST ! Born and raised in Central City, TPot is a true New Orleans woman. For over 19 years, TPot has been a part of New Orleans’ radio sharing every detail of her reality with life partner Stevie G. and their kids, Natty and Chloe. Every afternoon, she shares it all... Read More