Nola Frontline Heroes

April 9, 2020
Nola Frontline Heroes

Nola Frontline Heroes

As our community comes together to survive this coronavirus crisis, B97 and Entercom Radio New Orleans want to give thanks to our “NOLA Frontline Heroes” - folks who put it all on the line when we need them most.  If you’d like to say THANK YOU to a nurse, doctor, first responder, or people making a difference at restaurants, grocery stores or banks - we’d love to hear from you!

To pay tribute to a “NOLA Frontline Hero,” leave us a voicemail message to say THANK YOU at 504-526-3030 and we’ll work to feature them on air.

THANK YOU to our nurses, doctors and first responders!
THANK YOU to our restaurants, grocers, banks and service workers!
Because of people like YOU - WE will pull through!. 


By leaving a voicemail message, you acknowledge and agree you are giving us permission to broadcast on any Entercom radio station, and publish on any Entercom website or social media page, your name and the name and information of the person you would like for us to recognize.  We will NOT broadcast your age, phone number or any information that you expressly state in your message you do not wish to be made public.  If you do NOT understand or agree to these terms, please do NOT leave a voicemail.