Bad Moms 2: How to justify never bathing your kids

Friday, September 22nd

Tpot and Annette on the Net talk about how long can you really go without bathing your kids. Plus breakfast. Who feeds their kids breakfast???


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Eminem on the map I just thought it was funny beyond hello and welcome. Today's edition and the dark or whenever I go right I will try to get better with that I was thinking about it all morning because last week when we do. And there was that first one and yet. When I enjoyed it it was way. You know I'll crazy and so this time I said yeah. And Blake dealing approach yeah and that's exactly I'm perfection. It all went down the toilet yeah. I can't carry Internet broadcast where we talk about all of our staff because you know where good moms but by today's standards we're not. So I think we're cracking obviously did just. Like I don't mean I'd be a little batteries after the other moms Yunel bright now. Did well Manhattan okay do you feed your kids breakfast blood alcohol but OK okay but I think other moms do we don't. I do I did see database but the Sonoma posted a video of like a mom like pretending is going to be whipped up pancakes every morning before kids in the real life was like. But she was still making blanket she just looked disheveled. And like I joke like whose TV did bring cakes in the morning. And is that the mom I've friend and I know Jessica in case you're sick she does believe they do waffles are toast and banner. You know many ever. Play. These old bacon that I could the other hey that's crystal hurting Katrina rate at you know what I have a breath and let that other people may get credit. Wrapped around the peace achieved what I clearly have. Apple is nothing she was asleep then plus she hates breakfast my kids have whenever dad get some I guess I don't know not a problem yeah. Now clearly eat a snack at. School that's usually something like finger you like a serial or something more like outputs and serial. In a bag and throw it out there in the cars and they still got a ten to get my kids this morning has been marrying complain about. Always it is really covers golf course you want something right you always want some and then net she's like I need to real old. And it was like a few signs I ran and her dad man and of course got me and to get at any data like dry cinnamon toast crunch of jackpot you're welcome get that right center. And my sons like banks and my daughter you both of them are five and she's like. This. And I think does that mean. That is the real serial tiger did you mean kids. Cereals free nerds that. Sami. Anyway. That lies or is certainly different cereal with milk in the cup team in the car she demonic and another thing I need to do you do have a cup with milk. While wasn't trying to you but like the time to go and sign an incoming I guess and helped oh and I literally just like shows serial it is a black bag and pitch in the backseat. That's the you know the good mom my belly laugh at that and hope it doesn't go like all the way into the back. And singles Polly fortified with lots of suffer something they do that now so that's good because they know that they were super baby so they they've fortified they vitamin. Serial podcast yeah the other one. Person who's really popular IR this Sunday is dead right in so I. Some of today's topic was getting beat back time. And Syria and any cereals and cereal gap breakfast in bath bath and breakfast mom and some. No did you like the catamounts who beat the Braves are kids every day break. There was a time yeah yeah for a while yeah yeah where you didn't. Well I never did so we look cool okay. So if they just put our water then he used to be okay yeah no honey how are yeah you did great and they're expensive so we know not. I have just something can't swim man this Carlyle. Guess they smell chlorine and an there they're clean you know like getting bleach in the back you're welcome yeah. Hot for him. Think about it that if you get a full don't you feel like kind of clean. I feel close to cleave how hot hot play. Plague of my skin is really dry and like I have to go in the shower and that put the soap on Aiken the soap replaces the moisture. OK okay well also maybe they could reps emotional themselves and they feel that way to break it so your kids are like to clean and see that's great Amy yeah. No I never really even when they were little bitty boy wouldn't yeah when that in Hollywood little bitty babies. I only made them once a week. Does that play because. And they say they are supposed to have once or twice a week great when they're babies yeah. They're babies are credit around plain and east get an all dirty and so then as they got older. And they were running Europe playing getting all dirty. I'd I'd just like take a little white. Wipe them off. I'm Mike ID kits and so excited would you rate neglect my kids begged me every night to skip past the stand out and just get better you know that. And once this gets back solid time zone now. That lake you know she's older she's nine and a half yet she's almost like he did in Jared. So I know I'm no good you are she's got labeled yeah. Let's start the front I was looking at OK so I realize you reckon she's been out yet she's gonna she's got a look at. So. Billy she wears off. Oh wow really yeah she's gonna be so mad you just let at a bar SPX. The idea of rain didn't play either a lot they tell their friends at school she told everybody I'm wearing a Friday. So far below that middle so I am absolutely. I'm afraid that it's you know coming up really soon where she's got to start sank and and she hates taking showers she hates taking bass she hates it. Still she's left to give herself a bathtub yeah. Blake as she takes showers and she hates it. I needed to and I had a slight dig you know this shower pours acid on her as something way. I needed to now really if I if I didn't care about what I look like belittle. Yeah. And I just being barely a little more like I know who really wants to you Sharon meaning Louisiana get that he'd been ignoring you even picture bigger. Oh no I feel like I'm crazy about my showers like I need a shower I need a shower and I'm going somewhere where I'm gonna be around people. I have to take a shower she even if I have been out all day long and had a shower earlier that day if I'm going to someone's house and I'm gonna be around a lot of people I would take another shower. Media can't kids can take showers mask is always an actor. Mom studies all water big no no that's not lying I'm telling you that he just hates it and Chloe sometimes. Will want to take you back and I'm like how. Do you counteract that Barack I don't need she went Blake she said can I that's sitting mama don't like how good your did you Amazon. Thank you watch her she works. He's unwilling. Okay Mike some of the kids in Baz is safe fighting about an end. Golden gophers let me know right yeah and then you finally get him in the back candidates to slow a slow motion movement ever to get them in the bathtub ran. And it finally in the back and let god lead and get out. You lose to clay. Everything is like no I don't wanna do that did that get you you didn't want to get it. They don't want to get out what I get you glad you're gonna get any more time to watch Michelle know you wasted time to watch one watch one more shelf. Now is your chance. Right that's bad that's how it okay well if you want to sit there and play with that stupid dollar. In the tub and then make you can't watch your iPad billboard ad blitz that gets where the worst day yet she was he would mean about a scene that well do you not watch your program. Story designs and you. You have gotten nasty little episodes of bad thing that you get in which you're sitting at the top right now being. Anyway deer shot fireballs watch your mouth again. Yeah smells like big regular many kills germs it's quiet and it's time. But yeah I mean I don't and why they like there's so much confusion about that time because sometimes Nat able relay. Did she really doesn't want to take a shower should like look commenting about the Chloe and I always think why. And it's fun range issues like Tony I know. I get so then I'll be like okay boob perfect for you because then now you don't even have like a little about right exactly right yeah and on the ninth when I really think we need to back and my daddy didn't publish your sister she's like. Look she's like no she's dirt and I'm pretty heavily I don't understand what's the difference why all this confusion. Think it makes no sense. I showed. Ten just has to be one of all you know lot of confusion because I'm a good mom and I'll tell you because American campus periodically gap is because they don't know it's it's not consistent item is easy never give the mat so there like I can't and that I have to tonight. And then they get in their heads Elmo like to look at headaches and you're like no get back in there like. What do handsomely to and that's out how. Aussie kids yeah just stick just know they don't stay focusing my house on me like a leaky guts of their clientele that final week and they've both had back this week so we can't let. They went swimming over the weakening their house and it's only Wednesday at a party they both had a bathtub airplay crazy clean right now. So this is the thing I think about back 10-Q you mentioned we should talk about as and I immediately ahead get is still. That moms whose husbands do that I aimed at hand and mom can just do whatever whether she's you know we do and how I mean let's be real she's cleaning a pack of lunches are. Helping the digital where credit. But like still my friend Wendy and her husband that time is his job right. And I love it because he's like get back and the kids just don't get up in the back. And then he gets them ready when it's bedtime he will now use usually they just like go to bed and they do but yeah is staying until. It's a makes him. Stevie Mac had its bigotry because if I was late can you give them about. So like we did that made up like OK listen all I'll do the dishes if you do the math that's a bad deal for me because if I do the dishes I didn't. It's really panic in the kitchen and it's good to see it go clean right you're doing it and so so it was excellent panel does take that long. But she does the dishes. And I do that I do my normal back and he's sit on the couch watching Michelle by the time I get out and likely because he doesn't do all this stuff. Yeah breaks my complaint is this just complain about my husband because I ordering a forgot. Tell like let's just complain about leg whatever dude is an ally or whatever okay whatever duties in my life since I'm divorcing steaming. I like up freely use an announcement that divorce scenes on Sunday when you may remember what I did you wanna say it should now. Yeah yeah yeah I mean my aching it's just really hard to do all those things can you imagine I have to do other stuff about myself. Internationally ambitious one time my husband looks like he's just lucky time in last couple weeks. And I was so tired doesn't on the planet under excellent backs and the meat packing a lunch box and then. So lowly out eat only app and every guy outlay. Com my god this is ridiculous but when I don't have them I'm cat likes sitting around and then I get all teary eyed because I'm like. So in here. Well. If you wanted someone back and how to delay would you like Stevie Mac and just wondering you sound today didn't. You know we need to do is he needs to come tell us how your dad mom because of magic he has some thoughts on the matter how scared it. Yeah he is coming out she should come in India that yes I know he totally has some thoughts on the matter might many many thought. I'm completely written about traveling probably don't know I think mostly he would say is is that I would like to crappy right. How did we get it here nearly CD you talked about you know teapot short comings in the well maybe be like you know she does this but really she was the crappy right. Get all of that you know well as it was say that too but not allowed inside beat him. Now Stevie was saying out loud but if that that I allowed. Yes he's just you know similar car the term weird yeah. So. Until I do all that stuff so I. They don't play like I cooked dinner I could sings I NN Sunday a meg going dinner yes okay so that you don't ever forget who cooks it. Blend that cooking the food. Not to get so it's has to be doing that as that you're not know my husband is mean. Blues that he blew it and nobody's in my husband or nobody one of those yup I'll. So witty. Benin. And handling cooks authorities he like signed stuff that's like get a frozen food section and then dump it in a migrant. Then he drills so like lately we'd like once a week having Turkey meatballs in an article tiny warming up in the songs yeah. So having we have spaghetti with the kids to eat that and that's like a real food item bitch yeah yeah okay. See I I make food so lay flat Monday. Sunday I made like this whole album Barley and rental and split. Open your kids didn't need that idea floated will eat it did not have it Matty won't eat it because Matty doesn't need anything. But Chloe aided and she likes because it's got Turkey sausage you know and now I'm like peppers and all kinds of stuff so hey it's actually really get me out. OK got lake lived tomatoes with the green Chile all hands really yummy. Anyway so I meet all of that by Sunday because unlike cabinet code for the week but to cook for the week. I say to them trying to get into routines and now is a lunch when I'm here at work a bit and I like dying is coming off. I'm to cook for the week means that on Sundays I have to good two meals because I have to cook the meals that are gonna go in my trays for work. But then I also have to cook them meals that are got to go in the big thing that we can eat all week long for dinner she'd cook one meal I never any such dinner all week. Well that's when I started when I get enough food to make the two meals on Sunday on the introduce you to the easy match and an easy time is let's push it right how old because I got because when the girls come home because there with my mother and a lot. And beaten all day long but she doesn't beat them. So when they come column that she's you know I mean not like play blessing she doesn't see that she feeds them that way not at full dinner don't. So I am. So when they come home I have to feed them dinner and I've been trying to like find and find everything's good I'm so exhausted seven trying to leg get and a mommy hi it's like the little ones and this and they let it change. You get the heat and who doesn't and maybe never made me. Sure she. Pretzels and chips are assaulting any cheap to them at a mommy is clearly a vegetable beta and and I don't they get. Like you could get a look let it drain and Amy it can't no but they didn't go ahead. Oh gosh last week it ready and Matty data mining that was already shelled and human dimensions like. This is an and they shall. And I was like this the same thing and this Blake. I don't know I'm gonna put salt on it so then she's like I like the shell. But I went to the Hershey store over the weekend I got to the ones that were in the shell and neither am IR BS so that was what they ate but. I am last night late I was just so exhausted they wait too exhausted to do any thing and I don't know what many eight tissue and I have she got to fend for herself. Chloe had boxed like we have milk cheese and chocolate milk. And tell the box you rich Bono comes from Amman and I about it the night and I'm marriage whenever I have no yeah. Whenever I have extras my mom bought it that get played about bottled water by my about it. Uncut. So Khloe had that and there was nobody else is she had dinner she had a milk. She had a milk and then she asked her some sort of negotiated peace that she is yeah. And I can't remember the other thing that she had but he may increase of Brad I know the break had mold on that got thrown away. Did com. Outlined what hour she had somebody that may they can complete them. That would approaching this are hundreds yes Pena starts I don't. CB tonight's a really I don't get I love that he's started it would like I knew I'd call can eat this really good. They eat healthy leg told by Eileen at a Monday. No I think she had to milk last night and not really share what we don't want that other stuff everything I had but she had that she had the I'm Barley thing. Monday that's indeed what they say. Black and good mom about not excuse is you can look at the whole week. Instead of just a meal just the day he can really look at the whole week as a picture of your kid is eating its on the day when McKinsey nothing but carves. Yeah and some have those cards have a just ridiculous not a sugar yeah. Like spying because there's Andre yesterday it's fine. Fruit grapes. Like shot there is data. I want for that. Which I feel guilty mom's guilt about Ian drew a walk through comic Letterman out because I ate at Mellon now I'll. I don't have mom guilt about eating anything bullet I will eat their stuff. And I eat the last of their stuff and not look at treat greatly I had treats well I didn't treat myself and let the kids to pop tarts and you know the call bill with the cookies and cream top targets could you play really yummy cake but it taste like chocolate cake. For real I don't feel like kids don't sleep on the blog don't get an item cannot leave all the cookies and cream pop tarts is a details like chocolate cake. And so I get those and how they don't vitamins and those two I'm sure it's fine that's I get some things they do. Barely ever sat. I mean it cream is fairly straight protein he had probably yeah. And so I will take those bad I will make them and then I let out I'll have them in and then I'll eat them myself. And so if I have a little extra money and then I'll buy the girls the box. Blake in here is your proper targets but really like I have eaten my box and then I'm taking some out of there and Mehdi eat the last one and without sharing it with me that as it comes to and a passion to share their sisters just shared view. So she's the last one without sharing with a man like Matty that's really inconsiderate. She's the way does he finds the evidence of these secret box. We haven't is all the machines yeah. He didn't own the night in a nice eager thanks Heidi not. Bad though it's me but I. I didn't have. We are late chocolate drool all over my pillow I really had true you know watch my pillows over the weekend because I had that candy and I. Headley big chocolate watches all over Mandela. A the truth I had like I even my sleep it's weird I don't know I'm usually I'm asleep Peter Hammond yes. I wake up in the middle of the night and late if I have candy yeah if I can't wait out but if I had an eight. In the middle of the night I wake up and I eat it I don't know why I've always done that early cake or something. But if oriented in this deep psychological trauma that triggers sleep eating a diet know what would do that I have no idea that. But I am a real question for you in this series do you heat up tax now. But they know tells CNN no record of just straight wins and yeah. My mother love us some pop tarts that we're healthy from Trader Joe's the pump again yeah and she told me toast them a plastic sheet it was pouch sign try it. This issue was like a piece of toast them so that they'll be good because they're not gonna let you tell us that and feel like that got it. When I got home glow is like wind and I play can you be among well what I did you cannot have both you have to share the other one with me and she does okay. Was she teaching a machine but. We somehow or they wanted to traded him context I may say you can't get an anywhere helps me obviously. Because. You know trade AJ I was so it doesn't she finds. And nodding at the wind because I know my mother I want the bell yet she probably is not a wine she straight line. Well they drink likes sweet reds but only on Sunday breast. Kenya and I think she drinks it at all grandpa does. Don't know aligned we should and that's what we did this so we know airline. Joining us for another episode of the bad moms podcast. And remember who we're not doing it around he'll wire there.