Remembering Kidd: Kidd's Embarassing Moment

Thursday, July 27th

4 years after losing Kidd, we still love every second of fun he gave us


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Couple text messages we get here after that montage repeated Iraq's Fisher notices said what number do we need to Texan donate for the kid music room Caroline mentioned we could but didn't sit and number. It's a website. Or a text. So you can K text. Kids KI DD cup 52000. Okay that'll be a ten dollar donations that'll just put it on your phone bill. He can do that five there's at 3003 to five times just to try if you wanna do on and didn't until he can do you can you find. I would try to raise enough funds by August 22 because that's kid's birthday. Or you can go to kids kids dot com as well the website can donate their but again that fight that text number is. 52000. You can text the word kid that's kid with two d.'s KI DD. In its kids' kids in music meets medicine. Therapeutic arts room in memory of democratic voting that articles space in the hospital such a great and yet. From attacks I just tried listening to kids memory cliffs I'd have to tell you off. I felt like I lost some money and you personally when he passed a mourned right along with you guys I'm so happy that you are kept the show gone gone. I know kids so proud of the tenacity and all that stuff you demonstrated to do that. I was just on someone Tuesday night. One goal I have to travel and come see you guys in the studio stuff by the show levee off. Among come on now we've got to see you bring I don't delegate have more remember kid montage is we just pledging his songs. We will do one was characters come and appearance. About fifteen minutes I mean give of their favorite memory of big on on that I'm putting on Suarez there or after twenty some years arm. And don't go strip club. Is my my my first reading and a lot of good I get athlete. A lot of people think I want that radio dream job are not just that we had back in the day it because it happened right after I got hired there. One of the main reasons I got hired was because. I didn't follow directions. Because you didn't vote and it did not follow directions and that that. Kidd told me that's what he liked about me which is weird to hear from a guy that's gonna hire that like that you don't follow directions but it had sent an email. Said this person and it was not give credit. And ahead in the mouth so that will that's not the host of the show that's like contract jobs lead to showed some initiative yes I just went online and I found kids personal email and I and that's where I sent it and I've received the call literally the next day yeah from my other friend Steve Scott he's scoop Steve communique. The Steve. Did you not follow directions on on the job posts and I was like he had with all due respect I just I just figured it's and its kid and that's for Kidd came in with that kid credit laughter that he has and that we started chatting. And we we won't matter interviewed him believe that I was Mexican 'cause. You know I don't want to get in your apparently it'll look like I'm all on Mexican enough that the yamana. So a kid to make sure that Alan and a liar brought his Mexican friend along. To speak Spanish fluently. They're like who's this random dude to verify your Mexican incidently later he told me guides bottom belong to two major Mexican mission you were Pullman leg at have a favorite memory Jenna. I'm Lye yeah I mean I have one that doesn't really pertain to work at all was in kid tried to teach me to play golf. And that is really special added that his kid hustling kid he was. Always Kyle all over the place and a hard on us that work for the best you know but when we played golf he wasn't that way you know like he every was patient. He was always very supportive even when I was terrible also highlights that side of him because it was from the that he wasn't the best that again environments you. And so it was nice to see him totally shell and you know having fun. Playing golf and I I really liked that side so for me that's and they had tried to stick with even poorly. So anytime you get off that makes me. Think of K because he loved it so much and he really wanted to be good that we just never had the time to get dead but they made up a partisan when he Cooper Paula Pena's and then went to. It is and it's a dire job was on fire for days it felt like that India has now hired they made a song and yeah. Putting you on the spot I was there on the live on and certainly of this that bad but that made me laugh really hard humane part all the time we found the story Kelly that you told when. Kids ex wife Carroll called you when Carolina and her friend caught him. In the bathroom she do you remember that no matter. You know I was that kid for almost twenty years yes loans are you Montessori the white generous and you eleven about it is it's one. He he. The story told on the radio talk about it when his daughter came with a friend and they couldn't find him our path. Should house here and he's hot pink. First and I don't nor is he must be upstairs asleep says she is still in a matter business this year that shares or nine kids. She's like kid. Great kid and she wouldn't alma garages chorus dog he's just gonna get into an ideal for hours later he calls. Is neatly Kanye. If you throw the panel hurled at Carolina honestly Maryland at a sleep Irish is there all day. She Gagne to combat. What happened. Carolina Natalie wants an army proved it. I. And there and unplugging lay out. Well yeah. And when I look. Or is it. Carolina your gadgets. Tiptoeing out that it's not who could tell international my name. Yeah. Wow yeah. Oh yeah. Oh you didn't know that her Ellis park and it did it on yeah you don't even you grandma. The dire. And in my. Own bedroom the bedroom door shut. Caroline just now all of that she's queen of the free can house and she can just walk in the inning. How secure. 4 o'clock giant bathroom door in the bedroom doors are. And did my dad knocking and now it's a long bathroom door. Easy to long bathroom and then saloon doors and then me and that's going door just wide open. Keep what I hear the door open I appear on the corner and now Italy's leading the way. They both have this bridge the public on their faces a. They're home now I hairline missy Carolina Natalie thought it was no big deal yeah you know why you're embarrassed like. Thank you I DT know where the tight fit. I mean I don't idol I'm Carol to shut the door we you know even my wife I hustling doors are not good privacy door no dead dog when I got. Get a bank vault. Rome where it was it was an LA news. It's a bit of a mad you're. In the golf for four hours or so bored that now coached. Baier and now. Isn't it. There's orange there are a male ancestor thing here and there's war and I mean there's so many we will get a different story every time we hung out of them including diarrhea was sort of adult dog that dog yes I hope I have ran her delivered a measure was sort of there's so many fill us. Or every day sometimes more than one item we're celebrating pathetic life he actually four years ago on this day you know what you want it for you to do on this day he watches flat smiled and laughed. That's what he wanted her to go sort of revisit some of kids' favorite characters that he came up with. For usenet.