Tpot Announces She and Stevie are Separated

Tuesday, May 30th


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Well and meant for the past two years I think Stevie and I have been going through a transition. And we have been net trying to. Transition and make sure that our kids were always okay. And make sure that they understood what was going on and everything else and you know I'm just really went our relationship. And swift vet said it. We are. In no way consciously and counseling so I've kind of when this Paltrow and Chris Martin's first saying that they consciously and couple equivalent of a tough pin anything just play. But I. I think that like I I truly know the meaning of that because CB and I have been friends for. About seventeen and sixteen or seventeen years. And you know then our relationship went to you know more than friends and then we were married. And then we had kids and so now we are finding our way back to that comfort zone of where we can continue to be friends and I I think that it's not an easy road but it's with us because he's that he's a terrific person she's an amazing it's. Perfect perfect father. You know I think that it will be a little easier than most and you know I am a child of divorce. My parents. Got divorced when I was about four or so I know you know I know. You know about divorce in all of that stuff and and how it affects children and so with that said you know it's always in the top of my mind at the very top of my mind for. Our girls to be okay like they are first and and that's the thing with Stevie because he's like I said he's an amazing. An amazing and thoughtful father. And you know he's not here today. And these kinds of things are not very easy right you know and and that's OK okay. And you know I I think that we're human. And I think that we have taken we have gone through. All of these thing is with New Orleans and so now. This is the new chapter. That New Orleans is going to look kind of goes through with us and it's you know I hope that New Orleans can understand that. Businesses this is real life. And it's it's it's a very sensitive subject for you and I clearly this is something that's been. You know you've been working on behind the scenes for a while to get to a place where you guys could feel comfortable about talking about on the air. Offer and and and I honestly was rolling it back because I was the one who was never really comfortable because I. I like to be braids I like to be friends shiny red lake. For everything to be perfect break. And it might. Not everything is perfect right all the time break but. Even in those imperfections. If if I can still find joy and I can still I love. It iMac. And Stevie G that wanna say this this. Honestly one of my greatest greatest friends who are making me go whiskey and now he will. Always be one of my greatest greatest current market. And we have to whoop beautiful children and that we both love. And I know that we will always continue to be great friends and raise our children. In that love. Because. Because of who we are as people. Right and well and I think you vet. I've known cure and CB since the very beginning when you go first became a couple and you didn't want to know. We can't would be a lot of make up for just look at one day I. Came in and I saw you two together how Michael. That's like her. I think like now. I've been there but through the whole thing I did it in so it's been I know a huge. Both struggle for you to just do it to do get to this point today. Add to get to this point but like I said we wanted to make sure their kids were OK we've we've talked to our kids for a really long time before. Thumb before we decided to make any sort of movement and then you know eventually like he got his own plane and you know we made sure that our kids were OK in that area and so now leg. You know it was time bright and so what am I. I'm very proud of the you know that bit and Helio are brave and that that that you know this is a just another step in in life and yeah. You guys will caught out of this yeah better friends I've told a couple people I think honestly that you guys. Won't be them yeah much much better friends being in in two separate places and. I don't think I stammer. Because this isn't easy. Then he came in here what 89 years ago up. Until then you know I was crazy. Everybody has a crazy you know and like we've all grown together and Jimmer has seen us through a lot and Jammer has been. So supportive and email address. Gas so supportive and like I appreciate that. I think you and I think series you and I just let's say everybody listening right now I think we all agree that CB genes you've got to love the New Orleans. You've both been an essential. Huge part of would be 97 has been doing for the past decade more than a decade. And we intend to have you both on the afternoon swirled for very long time to come CEO. I cannot. Little girl and we love you very we laying the ball hits the ceremonial.