Speedy at The Swamp

The Swamp
516 Bourbon Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
United States

Event Description:

Every Saturday night from 10pm-midnight, Speedy hits the Quarter to party with just a few hundred of his closest friends...just need you!

The Swamp has got da best French Quarter Courtyard full up with the prettiest bamboo you ever seen.  But watch out! ‘Cause somewhere up in dat courtyard lies “SWAMP THANG” dat notorious mechanical Bull Gator. You know some folks is even crazy enough… or drunk enough to try to ride that “SWAMP THANG.”

The Swamp got a big ass wrought iron Bourbon Street Balcony hangin’ right out over Rue Bourbon, and it wraps around to look into dat pretty bamboo courtyard.  You can stand up there and trow beads down at dem crazy folks in the street, or just look at em an smile. Hey, ain’t nothin’ free baby…

Come on down to the best damn party in The Big Easy with Speedy every Saturday night!