DJ GreenLight

Monday-Friday 6pm - 11pm

No we didn't hire Usher, he's just the new kid on the block. He goes by GreenLight but he'll tell you his name is "Lamar like Kendrick". Taking over nights in The Big Easy. The youngest personality in studio but he makes up for it with his go get it attitude. 

New to the city and newly single you can catch Greenlight daily on airwaves, on the weekends traveling and DJ'n from city to city. Other that probably stuffing his face with Tacos, pho or something. We don't get it, he eats all the time and doesn't get fat. 

Party with him throughout the week from 6p till 11p, listen to brand new music and laugh your ass off with his "Monday Night Confessions". Don't forget to slow down and sink into your feels with him on Sundays from 8 to 10p.


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