Why the Cops and Animal Control Got Called to Tpot's House Last Night

June 21, 2019

Never a dull moment in Kenna Bra! I ended up with both the police and animal control at my house. Always a sign of a good party, right? ;)

Sally my rat terrier (or maybe she's a raccoon terrier?) got a raccoon in the backyard last night.  The raccoon got hurt pretty badly. It ran up my tree and I didn’t want to leave it there. But I didn't call the cops. But somehow they came. How??? 

I sent Natty over to my neighbor's house so they'd know and they didn't recognize her on their doorbell camera. Since it was at night and I guess they thought some kid was up to no good, they called the cops. (insert awkward, big-eyed emoji here in your mind)

It was just as well though since once the Kenner PD got there, they contacted animal control and stuck around to make sure we were fine.Check out the video of the raccoon getting trapped by animal control below.

It was a baby, but cuz of that baby, I gotta get my dog checked out at the vet today. At least Netflix was down so I wasn't busy anyway. :)