TPOT BLOG: Something New! "The Look Out" is Coming

February 6, 2018

I spend a LOT of time looking at makeup tutorial videos and finding new products and I am so excited I get to share some of my favorite things with YOU now! Thanks to MetroPCS, each Thursday afternoon between 3-5pm, you'll hear me give you something I've been on the "look out" for. Usually a new makeup product, but sometimes a fun accessory or a new tip I've just found.

It's really a perfect fit with MetroPCS, because I'll be honest...I use a lot of data doing all that (LOL!) but that's okay, because they have unlimited data that's the best deal. That's why they say "Wireless. Figured out."

If you ever miss something on The Look Out or want to know more, I'll be posting them all right here on my blog so you can check out anything you miss. Here's to great selfies for us all! :)