Something's FISHY with Tpot

June 20, 2017

Don Dubuc - the Outdoors Guy has set-up his co-workers, including our very own Tpot, to face off in a fish off.

It's The Radio Fishing Chicks's Fish Off at Capt Ryan Lambert's Cajun Fishing Adventures in Buras.  So who do you think will win?

Which of these contestants can land the biggest, meanest, heaviest Bull Redfish before their airshift?

Kat ( "I have no fishing experience or expertise. My opponents are not as fun as me and can not handle sun, water, wine and tanning like I can!"

Tpot: "Well, I can't fish, don't like sun, and hate waking up early. But I LOOOOVE wine, so I'm good to go! HAHAHAHA."

Helen ( "I don’t have ‘fishing’ experience per se but I reel in BIG guests each and every day. No fish tales here. Kat & Tpot can WHINE all they want."