Need a manicure?

February 22, 2018


It’s getting warmer outside.  You can’t hide your toes anymore in boots.  It’s time for a mani/pedi!!!! If you’re like me, you try to do them yourself, but fail MISERABLY!  I always mess up my toes.  Like last night I polished them and went to bed AN HOUR AFTER THE POLISH DRIED, and they still got smudged. My fingernails are a different story.  My left hand always looks kinda good, while my right hand looks like a hot mess.  I’m right handed, so when I polish my nails with my left hand, it looks like my 4 year old Chloe polished them.


For a while I would sit on my phone and obsess over videos of manicures online.  I would look at techniques and try it.  I still failed.  I’m super excited about being at Metro PCS this Saturday on the Northshore because we are giving away gift cards to Marvelous Nails in Covington to the first 10 people who come out. It takes away the headache of me doing my nails and trying not to ruin them after 10 minutes.  LOL I get to actually sit down and let someone do them properly and dry them before leaving. 

Come visit me this Saturday from Noon – 2pm at the newest Metro PCS location at 1200 Business hwy 190 in Covington! Hope to see you there.