Lauren Daigle Drama

December 12, 2020
Lauren Daigle

Getty Images Ethan Miller/Staff


What Lauren Daigle did had nothing to do with religious freedom. So, if you’re about to use that argument, you can stop there. She wasn’t exercising her constitutional rights.  What she did do was spit in the face of you and me.  She spit in the faces of small business owners, bar owners, and everyone else WHO FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES TO KEEP US HEALTHY!  Some people want to come to her rescue because she sang about Jesus. Did you think the same way when the mayor got angry about the people gathered under the bridge on Claiborne to dance to bounce music?  If you're gathered to sing in the quarter or dance under the bridge, you're putting others at risk.  Period. 

We are in the middle of a pandemic. You might think it’s fake, but your opinions on the matter don’t change the fact that people are dying. Our front line workers are in danger. The police you support, by hanging your Blue Lives Matter signs, are in danger. Our nurses and doctors and other essential workers are at risk. 

We are all sick of this. We want to be with our families and have fun again. We can’t do that if we don’t adhere to the guidelines. And Lauren Daigle selfishly put a lot of people at risk.