Good News for Jamie Lynn Spears' Daughter

February 8, 2017

USA Today


As we've been following along with the reports about Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter, Maddie, we were so happy to get good news yesterday, Tuesday, February 7th! A representative from University Hospital (where we understand she is being treated) told People Magazine that Maddie is breathing on her own after doctors removed the ventilation tube. In what seems to be the best news of all, reports say the 8 year old does not seemed to have suffered ANY neurological damage after the accident involving the ATV flipping and apparently keeping her under water for several minutes.

We can only imagine what the Spears family has been feeling and we've been praying so much for them and that little girl after hearing what sounded like a horrifying time for a mother trying to free her daughter from a submerged ATV while the seatbelt and safety netting interfered. Many have questioned a child that age riding on such a vehicle, but we can certainly see any of us in that same position. Keeping in mind that they live in a very rural area of Kentwood and that both Jamie Lynn and her husband were in eye-shot of Maddie reportedly when the accident occured. At any rate, it's certainly not a time for the public to judge anyone and we're so happy that it sounds like all of your prayers may be answered for Maddie's recovery!

We will keep you posted on B97 as we hear more, and you KNOW I'm (Tpot) keeping up with every moment of this story since I LOVE the Spears family!!! 

XOXOXO to them all and prayers continue!

The adventures of Maddie and her Mee-Maw❤️--

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