Clay isn't just for pottery anymore

June 14, 2018


If you wear as much makeup as I do on a regular basis, your pores get clogged.  I have breakouts like everyone else.  The truth is, even if I didn’t wear makeup I would still  get breakouts here and there.  I found this pink clay exfoliating mask that I LOVE.  While shopping on amazon from my Metro PCS phone I discovered this gem. 

It’s made from “totally natural flowers, Rose Hip and clay.” My skin was so soft after I washed it off.  The best part is you only need a little bit.  A little goes a really long way.  You mix it with water to form a paste and rub that on your skin and let it dry.  It feels a little weird while it’s on, but after you’re left with brighter and softer skin. 

I am very particular with products like this.  I spent a really long time going through online reviews and finding different articles about it to see if it worked.  BTW, when I’m searching for all this my unlimited data from Metro PCS really comes in handy. I’m just so glad I found a product that does what it says it does.