Christina Aguilera Tries to Sing at Frenchman Street Bar But They Say No!

November 12, 2018

© Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine you're just sitting in a bar on Frenchman Street and in walks Christina Aguilera. Then she walks up to the stage and offers to SING!!! OMG!  You're about to hear Christina sing in front of like 100 people??!?! But wait. The band says no. Whaaaat? That's what happened Thursday night at Cafe Negril.

Video shoes Christina Aguilera talking to the band singer, apparently offering to sing, when he just kind of blows her off. I can only assume he didn't know it was her, but the person videoing the interaction seemed to. Too bad someone at the bar didn't tell him.

Christina didn't seem to be too offended. She talked about the incident on Friday night at her concert at the Saenger.

And this version...

I'm glad she just brushed it off and knows that the rest of us would have liked to hear that performance. :)