Ariana Grande Kicks Off Tour with Tribute to Mac Miller

March 19, 2019

Getty Images

"It wouldn't be opening night without one thing going wrong" laughed Ariana Grande as she led her team of singers down the catwalk during "thank u, next" in Albany, NY on Monday night. The show was the first on her highly anticipated Sweetener World Tour, set to travel across the country and around the globe into October.

After images of tweets and candid Instagram photos flickered across the video backdrop, the lights went out briefly before the arena lit up in purple, with the opening chords to the number one song causing an eruption of the crowd. The song was her last of the night, but the singer suffered through microphone issues as the first verse started. As the crowd sang along, people scurried across the stage to swap mics, back with plenty of time for Grande to make her way towards the center of the arena.

One of the most touching moments of the show came before Ariana even hit the stage. In the final moments before the concert started, the music playing throughout the arena was Mac Miller's. Obviously a nod from Ari that she's thinking of him.

It was hitting everyone in the crowd pretty hard.

Ariana reportedly told fans at soundcheck that she would not be performing "ghostin" since it would be too hard for her to get through. Her first song of the concert was “raindrops (an angel cried)”- which was very fitting since many fans believe is about Mac Miller.

We guess this won't be the last time Ari pays tribute to Mac on this tour.