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You Can Make A Life-Sized Lollipop Of Your Face (Details Inside)

Have you ever wanted to lick your own face? Now you can and it wont taste like sweat it will taste sweet. Video of Face Licker By Firebox According to Mashable.com it's all custom made and will cost you $56.79 and would make a great birthday gift. You can get your own face or a buddys face made by... Read More

Is "Napoleon Dynamite 2" Happening?

You've been seeing it all over the internet and everyone is getting freaking excited about the movie poster of "Napoleon Dynamite 2" The Freaking Sequel. Well, before you get all happy like I did you might want to read this> According to Snopes: IT"S A FREAKING HOAX! T rust me when I tell you I'... Read More

VIDEO: The Afternooners Interview WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T

WWE great, 5-time World Champion, Booker T dropped by the studio to talk about all the wrestling events coming to town during Wrestlemania 34 week in April. Why has he been away from Raw? And what's going on with him and Corey Graves? Who would he want to tag-team with and Tpot forces him to tell... Read More