You Can Now Get A Sushi King Cake In New Orleans (PIC)

January 12, 2018

Rock N Sake Bar & Sushi

You may have heard of king cake rolls, but this is no ordinary roll, as a matter of fact this isn't a roll at all it's a king cake...a sushi king cake. 

You can only get the 'sushi king cake' at Rock N Sake in New Orleans/ Metaire. 

Rock N Sake Bar & Sushi


Traditional Rock-n-Sake Sushi King Cake comes standard filled with snow crab and cream cheese pressed with sushi rice as the "dough" with assorted toppings of avocado, tuna, spicy tuna, fresh salmon, yellowtail, lemon zest, yuzu tobiko, wasabi tobiko, rainbow sprouts, crunchy tempura flakes, jalapenos, green onions, thin slices of lime, smelt roe, dots of sriracha, eel sauce, spicy mayo, chili-sesame oil, ponzu, and voodoo sauces. 

Rock N Sake Bar & Sushi

To answer any of your questions: 

They will making them fresh to order. 

The plans are currently to have orders in by Thursday of every week with pick ups on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Our first orders for pick up will be available this Saturday (1/13/18)- a very limited amount. We will post on our Facebook when we are sold out. 

We are posting the final draft of the cake on our FB pages tomorrow which I have attached pics of. 

The cakes will have many ingredients- very decadent- you will only be able to modify the cakes if you would like us to leave off an ingredient.

The cakes will be $75 plus tax.