Tpot Announces She Has the Coronavirus

November 9, 2020
Tpot at home

Tpot is live from home and without me, Speedy, next to her for a while as she announced to all of us she has the Coronavirus. The good news is she's doing well enough to join us on the radio and I joined her from a very safe distance (my house on the phone) when she gave us an update on her health.

Y'all stay safe and healthy and we can't wait till you feel all the way better, Tpot! 


She shares everything with me....even her covid. ----

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For those of y'all who listen to @tpotb97 and I on @b97neworleans .You've notice that I was on by myself all last week. Everyone that has been asking why Tpot wasn't on with me it's because she has Covid-19 and I can't be with her for the next 10 to 14 days. She is doing well, Actually she will be on air with me today from her house and Ill be at my house. NO I do not have Covid-19 I haven't been around her because of ZETA. Listen in today, she'll only be on for a little while. Wishing my friend gets better.

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