New App That Tells You If The Ice Cream Machine Is Broke At Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurant

November 8, 2017

Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally. It's the app we all have been waiting for. 

We have all fell victim to this. You are craving a nice ice cream sunday in the middle of the night. You hop in your car and head out to your favorite fast food Restaurant. You pull up to the drive-thru, you cross your fingers, and then you ask the million dollar question. 

Is your ice cream machine working? (because we have to ask) The answer is 90% of the time is NO!!!! The machine is down and won't be fixed till the morning.  Ahhhhhhhhh 

If you're like me you just go to the grocery store and buy a half gallon....done! 

Well, someone has come up with an App called ICE CHECK  . Here is the description: 

" Ice Check is the app for ice cream lovers who are sick and tired of hearing the “machine is down!” Our real-time updates will save you time and energy, leading you to ice cream machines that actually work BEFORE you get on line to order."