Lil Wayne's parody Of "FRIENDS" Maybe A Stab At The New Orleans Saints

September 18, 2017


After the Saints loss to the Patriots put them at 0-2 this week, it has all Saints fans on high alert that they wont win a game this year. That a huge streatch though... Now Saints fans have turned their attetion to New Orleans native Lil Wayne after he made this parody of the show 'FRIENDS' with the words "Don't go 0 and 2, never been there before." 

Nothing confirmed that it's a shot at the New Orleans Saints and the video below was posted before the Saints game even started, but we all know that Lil Wyane has no love for his home team. He even bet against the Saints during their Superbowl run. 

One thing I do agree with is the Saints need to win and start winning quick.

I'm still over here scraming WHO DAT till the day I die. Love my Saints.