Lafayette Woman Starts Gumbo Debate With A Huge Circle Around Acadiana And Does Not Including New Orleans

Lafayette Really Doesn't Like New Orleans Gumbo.

December 16, 2020

Mallory Chriceol/Google Maps


You already know that this is going to start a huge debate between everyone in south Louisiana. All of us in south Louisiana think we have the best gumbo and everyone from other states think that all gumbo is the same in the south. Truth is we do not make gumbo the same way in south Louisiana. FACTS. That doesn't mean NOLA gumbo is better then Lafayette gumbo or Lafayette gumbo is better then NOLA gumbo. We are 2 hours away from each other and we use different ingredients.

This lady from the Acadiana area has started a gumbo war with Baton Rouge and New Orleans saying: (See the Facebook post below)

"Never trust a gumbo made outside of this red circle. Even if it’s a restaurant with a Cajun name, don’t do it!! I’ve learned the hard way."

Her circle includes mainly the Acadiana area and Lake Charles. The truth is that's where she grew up so that's what she is used to. People from NOLA could say the samething about her gumbo. My point is this, what she thinks gumbo should taste like is based off of where she lives and what she is used too.


But I'll be honest, I lived in Lafayette for 3 years and some of the restaurants have the best gumbo I've ever eaten and some I literally walked out becuase the gumbo tasted like dirty water. So don't take what she says to heart. It's all in what you like. 

BTW shout out to Lafayette for showing me that potato salad is great with gumbo. Give it a try, trust me it's good. 

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