Thousands of Louisianans Voted For Kanye West;See The Results Parish By Parish Here

Can you even imagine....

November 4, 2020

Getty Images/Staff


I know we like to party in Louisiana but ..... when you saw Birthday Party it's not that kind of party you voted on. It was Kanye West's Birthday Party and thousands of people from Louisiana voted for Kanye West. West is actually 4th in Louisiana with 4,894 votes.

Here is the break down by parish. It could actually be higher. We are still waiting on Orleans Parish. 

Jefferson Parish: 531 votes

St. Tammany Parish: 287 votes

St. Bernard Parish: 49 votes

St. Charles Parish: 63 votes

St. John Parish: 63 votes

Plaquemines Parish: 31 votes

East Baton Rouge Parish: 618 votes

Ascension Parish: 134 votes

East Feliciana Parish: 16 votes

Livingston Parish: 98 votes

Pointe Coupee Parish: 21 votes

Iberville Parish: 57 votes

Tangipahoa Parish: 136 votes

St. Helena Parish: 10 votes

West Baton Rouge Parish: 42 votes

West Feliciana Parish: 15 votes

Lafayette Parish: 256 votes

Acadia Parish: 45 votes

Iberia Parish: 60 votes

St. Martin Parish: 55 votes

Vermilion Parish: 45 votes

St. Landry Parish: 76 votes